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Authentic Assessment Toolbox

Authentic Assessment Toolbox

The Authentic Assessment Toolbox site is a tutorial for learning all about authentic assessment. It is presented with hypertext and features creating authentic tasks, rubrics and standards for measuring and improving student learning. What is authentic assessment? Why do we need it? How do you do it? Answers to these questions as well as information on Standards, Rubrics, Portfolios, and Examples can be found here. Educators at all levels will...

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mark santos (Student)
31 weeks ago
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Used in course? Yes
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Emil Bendt
Emil Bendt (Student)
1 year ago
I really like this material.
Spelling Bee
Spelling Bee (Librarian)
2 years ago
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Milton Vines
Milton Vines (Administrator)
2 years ago
Very good material
Alicia Merino Gamboa
Alicia Merino Gamboa (Teacher (K-12))
2 years ago
I was reading about this toolbox, i find it very interesing and usefull
Cinthia Milan
Cinthia Milan (Administrator)
2 years ago
Its very interesting this material, thank you for share it
Jack Benjamin
Jack Benjamin (Content Developer/Instructional Designer)
3 years ago
well well Authentic Assessment Toolbox Thanks
Ruth Beck
Ruth Beck (Consultant)
4 years ago
Thank you for the excellent service that was relevant a few years ago and continues to be relevant today.
Ruth Beck
Ruth Beck (Consultant)
4 years ago
it is really useful information!!!
Samad Dimbie-Mumuni
10 years ago

This is an outstanding peace of information inded. The whole topic on Authentic Assessment has been adequately exhausted, well presented and the content easily comprehensible.

The author's approach to the topic was appropriate as the assumtions of each assessment type were stated as a launching pad for the presentation.

I have used the the authentic assessment tool some time ago in an exceptional education classroom in a high school and I can attest that students' enthusiam in the project just hit the roof. My students wre classified as being learning disabled, and from that expeience, I learnt from their engagement in the project that it is critically important for teachers to, at anytime in the teaching and learning process, identify whatever instructional strategy that will fully benefit them. Students with learning disabilities in particular, dislike monotony, especially if the learning tasks are so regimented and uninteresting. Authentic Assessments are, therefore, one sure way of getting them interested and engaged. Even though the author does not single out any category of learners as being the most appropriate beneficiaries of AA, I have course to believe that those with learning disabilities will benefit from it the most, if well handled.

I particularly like the author's emphasis on the need for a combination of the types of assessments. Of course, it couldn't be all about one or the other. 

Time spent reviewing site: 40 minutes
Inés Gil-Jaurena
Inés Gil-Jaurena (Faculty)
10 years ago

A complete site to learn concepts, methodology and tools for assessment. It provides useful guidelines and examples in different areas.

Brittany Davis
Brittany Davis (Student)
9 years ago

This is a great tool in developing relative assesments and guidelines. Very well written, and great examples.

Sabah Ahmad
Sabah Ahmad (Student)
9 years ago

Well build and plenty of information. easy to read and consistant in information.

Technical Remarks:

I find it overwhelming in paragraph after paragraph of information. 

Time spent reviewing site: 15 min
MYRIAM ROJAS (Teacher (K-12))
9 years ago
Todos los recursos que uno pueda obtener para mejorar el proceso de evaluación, favorece a nuestros estudiantes. De acuerdo a los comentarios leídos, los docentes opinan que es muy útil para el desempeño docente y para mejorar los aprendizajes.
penni Cooke
penni Cooke (Faculty)
8 years ago

The example of the mentor/mentee in learning how to properly phrase an Authentic Assessment for a course assignment is excellent.  I currently use most of the language in attempting to clearly communicate to students what is expected, "before" it is due.  After reading this example, I have a better understanding of how to direct and guide students to particular areas that will be expected. I have a new course beginning tomorrow and am excited about incorporating this new knowledge.  

Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site: 30 minutes
Chris Sorensen
Chris Sorensen (Faculty)
7 years ago

Great resource for learning about authentic assessment.  What's especially nice, is that this resource doesn't stop at the "what" but it elaborates on the "why" and "how" of using authentic assessment.

Paul Bowdre
Paul Bowdre (Faculty)
5 years ago
An excellent resource on authentic assessment and assessment practices. The material is well-written and presented in a common-sense approach.
dana milstein
dana milstein (Faculty)
5 years ago
Robust resources and references in this collection - assessment in the humanities is so problematic these days, and I found the materials accessible and helpful.
Rebecca Neel
Rebecca Neel (Librarian)
5 years ago
This is a fantastic resource for educators and course developers. It is easy to navigate, and presents the what, why, and how of authentic assessment with clear wording and formatting.
Time spent reviewing site: 30min
tomas wilson
tomas wilson (Consultant)
4 years ago
Thanks for sharing such a wonderful website, we are able to learn a lot from this as it offers a wonderful foundation for my website. Great insight.
Milton McClary
Milton McClary (Faculty)
4 years ago
Thanks dear for sharing this website, I have learned a lot from this website
Bonnie Riedinger
Bonnie Riedinger (Administrator)
10 years ago

Very thorough and clear definitions, explanations and examples. It is difficult, however, to construct a site that includes information for k-12 as well as higher education. There are fewer examples from higher ed and some of the k-12 examples in the main text may be off-putting for higher ed faculty.

Time spent reviewing site: 10 minutes
Billy Woodson
Billy Woodson (Faculty)
10 years ago

This a great site for resources about assessments. 

sylvia gonzález
sylvia gonzález (Faculty)
11 years ago

Excelente material tipo curso para educadores que desean medir aprendizaje efectivo de sus alumnos con herramientas novedosas, material accesible y comprensible a todo nivel.

Amy Gerney
Amy Gerney (Faculty)
12 years ago

This toolbox reinforced the principles that I use for clinical reasoning and competency based instruction where paper and pencil tests just don't ensure that students can perform in real world scenarios.  As an occupational therapy educator, I am always trying to simulate real world clinical situations and this learning environment gave me some new tools as well as support for what I am doing in the classroom.  Great site.

Time spent reviewing site: 30 minutes
Tani McBeth
Tani McBeth (Faculty)
14 years ago
This is one of the more useful sites out there on Outcomes Assessment. I particularly find it helpful that it provides both the big picture about assessment (formative and summative) as well as specific information about developing rubrics (holistic and analytical). While there are examples more relevant for K-12, there are also examples relevant for college level.
Anne Marie Pinchera
Anne Marie Pinchera (Administrator)
14 years ago
As a member of an assessment team, I found this instruction to be one of the better ones for educating new teachers - and to remind seasoned teachers what testing is supposed to do

Technical Remarks:

The toolbox is essy to navigate and has many good tips
Time spent reviewing site: hours! I enjoyed looking at how information was presented, the construction of ideas, and how well the information was organized
Jane Moore
Jane Moore (Faculty)
14 years ago
This is a wonderful site to use as a review and resource on assessment tools and how to use them. Mueller gives examples that are easily accessible. My students really find this site helpful.
Used in course? Yes
Sheri Hutchinson
Sheri Hutchinson (Administrator)
14 years ago
I will recommend this material to colleagues and we hope to begin using the material. It was very organized and appeared to be very useful.
Michael Finn
Michael Finn (Other)
15 years ago
Helped me to format a rubric for my TB133 class

Technical Remarks:

Easy to understand
Used in course? Yes
Cheryl Medearis
Cheryl Medearis (Faculty)
17 years ago
I have used this website as an instructor. I specifically used this website to
create a rubric for two MERLOT site lessons that I taught to my General Methods
of Teaching students. I then allowed the students to access the website and
required them to create two authentic assessments for an upcoming lesson that
they will teach. Students commented that this is a site they will refer to often
and wished they had known about it earlier. They were amazed at all of the
information that this site contained.

Technical Remarks:

Students had no problems utilizing the site.
Used in course? Yes
Nicholle Schuelke Berg
17 years ago
The information within this website is thorough in providing foundational
terminology regarding authentic assessment. Navigating such a site can allow
future teachers (and practicing teachers alike) to establish a base in
comparison regarding definitions used in assessment practices. Individuals can
then evaluate what "matters most" to a classroom teacher and to an institution.
Used in course? Yes
Jennifer Murray
Jennifer Murray (Student)
17 years ago
This seems like a good place to hlep create rubrics and I could see using this
as a tool to help myself to become more experienced in creating them myself.
However, I can't be completely sure that I would use it regularly until I was
able to use it in a real life situation and was able to discover problems that
may arise I'm not aware of right now.
Dr. Troy Tenhet
Dr. Troy Tenhet (Faculty)
18 years ago
A quality site. I will be referncing this as I build my rubrics for next year's
teaching assignment.
Used in course? Yes