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Neuroscience for Kids

Neuroscience for Kids

The entry point to an extensive site concerning the nervous system and neuroscience. The site includes descriptive materials, experiments, activities, links to articles, resources for teaching neuroscience, and a listing of Internet resources related to the neurosciences.


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Helen Hammond
Helen Hammond (Administrator)
50 weeks ago
Easy to navigate, and the time and date stamp reflects that the site was updated just yesterday! The first sentence on the page draws the reader in, interesting info!
James Sprag
James Sprag (Teacher (K-12))
2 years ago
Exellent material
Art Palmer
Art Palmer (Staff)
2 years ago
This is amazing information about kids
Milton Vines
Milton Vines (Administrator)
2 years ago
Wow, I dont think that Neuroscience can studying even children
Alicia Merino Gamboa
Alicia Merino Gamboa (Teacher (K-12))
2 years ago
Neuroscience is a fascinating world, surely the little ones will like it.
Cinthia Milan
Cinthia Milan (Administrator)
2 years ago
Thank you for this material, is very interesting.
Ruth Beck
Ruth Beck (Consultant)
4 years ago
Thank!! I will show my niece and maybe in our family there will be one more doctor.
Leon Fleischer
Leon Fleischer (Teacher (K-12))
4 years ago
Answers to emerging questions, key issues on the ground and other issues that deserve attention.
Used in course? Yes
pyle tena
pyle tena (Teacher (K-12))
6 years ago
According to Thorndike and Barnhart Intermediate Dictionary the brain is the central nervous system in humans and other vertebrates that is enclosed in the skull or head and consists of a soft mass or nerve cells and nerve fibre.The brain controls almost all the functions of the body and with it we can learn ,think and remember.
Daniela Brauner
Daniela Brauner (Faculty)
7 years ago

A pagina tem um aspecto antigo, mas o conteúdo é super interessante. Uma reformulada no material seria bem interessante. 

Time spent reviewing site: 10
Angelica L
Angelica L (Student)
9 years ago

Great educational website, numerous collection of links with learning activities regarding the nervous system. Diverse learning activities presented including, reading material, creative projects, experiments, games, and teaching lesson plans. The website is informative providing logical information and examples of projects and classroom activities for teachers to use as hands-on- activities. It also has a diverse amount of information for students or parents to access for fun activity time.The website has activities for a variety of learning levels, learning styles and a variety of age levels.           

Technical Remarks:

It was easy to navigate and find information related to specific topics in neuroscience.

Time spent reviewing site: 1 hour
isabel alejandra gaete muñoz
isabel alejandra gaete muñoz (asesora pedagogica)
10 years ago

Gracias por el material, sin duda la neurociencia nos abre una nueva mirada para la educación de niños y jóvenes, permite una apertura hacia la comprensiòn de los procesos involucrados en el aprendizaje humano

Jose Octavio Becerra Ortiz
Jose Octavio Becerra Ortiz (Health Care Professional)
10 years ago

Excelente, me parece que la neurociencia aun es un misterio para la humanidad, más aun si se trata de nuestro aprendizaje cuando somos niños, un misterio de años.

Francesca Catalano
Francesca Catalano (Administrator)
10 years ago

Great set of materials that can be used in lecture notes or as the basis for a project.

Jim Bidlack
Jim Bidlack (Faculty)
10 years ago

The site was very interactive and had a wide assortment of different activites for different levels of learning. I liked that the site featured questions from different students.

Time spent reviewing site: A few minutes/
Melissa McCartney
12 years ago

This Web site recently won the Science magazine SPORE award.

This has something for everyone, from a kindergarten student to an undergraduate.  In fact, my only issue with this Web site is that the title makes it seem that undergraduate wouldn't be interested.


This Web site also includes a monthly newsletter that keeps you up to date on changes made to the Web site, but also on news articles pertaining to neuroscience and any other points of interest in the field.

Time spent reviewing site: 30 minutes
Hsueh-Yung Chen
Hsueh-Yung Chen (Student)
12 years ago

This website contains a lot of useful information on the neuroscience. I would like to use some information and games on the lecture of nerve system in living environment class. The Q and A section has wonderful information for teachers to plan the lesson. I spend more than an hour to browse this site. I think this website is mainly for teacher not for students. I love the brain games section especially the “Brain Hieroglyphics”. By playing that game students will definitely remember the vocabularies relate to the neuroscience.

Used in course? Yes
Roxana Marachi
Roxana Marachi (Faculty)
13 years ago
Glad to see Neuroscience getting more exposure in the Educational Psychology collections. This website looks like an excellent resource. The 'experiment' link (then modeling the nervous system' link) has great ideas for how to teach about neural structures.

Technical Remarks:

Site is easy to navigate and content-rich. I am reviewing this on Dec. 9th and see that it has a very recent update as there is a Dec. 4th news-article posted.
Time spent reviewing site: 30 minutes
Dawn Giannoni
Dawn Giannoni (Consultant)
13 years ago
I have not used this resource in the classroom yet, but will. I teach brain-based graduate education leadership, to teachers, principals, and superintendents. They will love this resource! This is a very thorough Web site that links to many significant sources and age appropriate.

Technical Remarks:

This Web site was easy to navigate, and the links provided to "sister" or related sites were also easy to link to and relative to this age group! Excellent resource!
Time spent reviewing site: I spent about a half an hour- I was familiar with most of the related Web Sites linked in this material, and hence did not spend much time navigating these. But the resource and the related links it provides are superb. I love that it is also embedded with video communications in addition to the very user-brain-friendly design.
Heather Zeng
Heather Zeng (Faculty)
13 years ago
This is an excellent resource to spark young student's interests in the nervous system. Great interactive resources for learning!
Brittany Kupka
Brittany Kupka (Student)
14 years ago
I found this website very useful for science resources. I am currently in the process of getting my teaching credential and it is always helpful to find resources that are credible. I hope that whatever school I get a job with will allow me to try out an activity like "Neuroscience for Kids."
Time spent reviewing site: 30 minutes
Ruth Markulis
Ruth Markulis (Administrator)
15 years ago
I liked the colorful pictures and the Q and A section. This seems to be a Web site of resources more than a teaching or lesson-based site, but provides good supplemental material.
Kymberly Richard
Kymberly Richard (Faculty)
15 years ago
I love this website. I have used a lot of the information in my Introduction to Psych 201 course. It provides easy to understand explanations of some technical concepts. We made the pipe cleaner neurons in class and everyone loved it!
Used in course? Yes
Susan Weaver
Susan Weaver (Administrator)
15 years ago
This is a terrific site. It is engaging and challenging. Some of the q & a were pretty sophisticated and might benefit from a little example or illustration, but
Jessica Smith
Jessica Smith (Student)
16 years ago
This is a wonderful website, utilizing experimentation and exploration in the classroom. I thought that the information provided was educationally significant and would aide in the broadening of young minds. I also liked that there are up-to-date information sections that can keep people interested in what is happening on a daily basis. There is always something new to learn on this website.
Jacob Pinkston
Jacob Pinkston (Student)
16 years ago
I thought this was an interesting website with a lot of great information. The reason I stopped short of giving it five stars rests in its organization. The website says that it is for teachers and students and in fact appears to be, but some sites seemed to be aimed at one group more than the other. The organization does not however tell you which sites are intended for which audiences. An organized teacher could gain a lot of information and demonstration from the ideas, but a child might become flustered if they are using the site and have problems finding information they can relate to. I would recommend this website for any teacher to study before teaching on the subject of neuroscience, but make sure you find specific websites on it for your younger students and do not expect them to be able to explore it on their own.
Paul Richardson
Paul Richardson (Staff)
16 years ago
This is very engaging. I am not a specialist in the field, but I did have some reservations about the section on Foetal Alcohol Syndrome. This could be potentially upsetting for children who exhibit any of the freatures which are depicted. Also, it fails to recognise that this is an uncertain area in terms of recent research.
Cole Johnson
Cole Johnson (Student)
17 years ago
I was on the site for a total of 20 minutes and really enjoyed the site. I
found most of the information to be very direct and well said. This site is
very good for kids especially those with burning questions. I will be keeping
this site in mind when I start teaching in my own classroom

Technical Remarks:

The website was very fun to look at which is very important in todays childern.
With all the games and vertual reality things avalable its nice to see such a
well designed website directed to students.
Used in course? Yes
Jennifer Wilson
Jennifer Wilson (Student)
17 years ago
I navigated this site for a total of 96 minutes and was very pleased with the
results. This site is directed toward many age levels and could be used in the
classroom by students ranging from the elementary level to the high school
level. This site helps the user develop the key concepts in neuroscience and
employs interesting and fun ways to explore the dynamics of the field by
providing interactive experiments, charts, and illustrations. This site is
obviously designed for students at a higher reading level, as some of the
information is somewhat extensive. However, for the most part, this site could
easily be adapted for use by younger students through teacher guidance and
instruction, as it provides clear and concrete illustrations and entertaining
to help students develop the basic concepts of neuroscience. Although I did not
use this site in a classroom, I believe it could easily be adapted for use in a
classroom and could be a very useful tool that teachers could use to introduce
the basic ideas found in the field of neuroscience, which would more than likely
prompt students to want to find more infromation within the field on their own.

Technical Remarks:

This site is well organized and is very specific, breaking down topics into many
subcategories that could be focused on by the instructor if used in a
classroom. The site is easy to navigate as well. The use of color and
entertaining photos also make the site asthetically pleasing and would
definitely draw the interest of younger students who use the site.
Used in course? Yes
Zach Perry
Zach Perry (Faculty)
19 years ago
I feel that this site has enormous potential as a teaching tool. I found that
the site was easy to navigate so that even younger students would have no
problems using it. There is just a ton of information here and there are
unlimited possibilities for lessons that can be devised from the material on
this site. I also feel that this site is great because not only can college age
kids find something they are interested in, but I think that junior high and
high school students would have no problems navigating this site and using it to
their advantage. I spent about 1 hour surfing this site and still didn't get
to most of it. I will definetely recommend this site to my students and will
use it to incorporate a technological side to my lessons on neurological

Technical Remarks:

I found that this site was extremely easy to navigate. I had no problems and
the pages were quick to pop up. There are also a lot of great extra activities
at the bottom of many pages. I think the illustrations are helpful and the
language is appropriate for various age groups.
Alan Todd
Alan Todd (Faculty)
20 years ago
I took three settings to go through at least 1 link for each of the the 13 parts of the resource. I thought the content, presentation, activities and potential effectiveness were excellent. The way information was arranged and presented was user friendly and I was able to easily move within the web page.

Technical Remarks:

This is covered in my general remarks, but again I want to say how teacher friendly and student friendly this site is.
Used in course? Yes
Oakley (Faculty)
20 years ago
This is a wonderful, informative website! I spent time reviewing it to help
refresh my memory before completing a unit on the brain. Also, I shared some of
the activities with my teacher and classmates at the time (Health in the
Elementary Classroom). I think that some older elementary and even middle
school students would enjoy reviewing the website themselves.
Used in course? Yes
Sonya Tomlinson
Sonya Tomlinson (Student)
20 years ago
I spent a number of hours looking over and reviewing the information provided on
this site. I found that the information provided would be helpful to both
students and teachers. As an educator the activities and lesson ideas were very
appealing. Children would be drawn in and would gain termendous knowledge
about the nervous system by it.

Technical Remarks:

The site was very eye-appealling. It was also very easy to navagate for a first
time user. It would be a site that I would come back to often.
Carol Baker Snyder
Carol Baker Snyder (Student)
20 years ago
This is an awesome website. Very easy to navigate and a great resourse from
kids to adult.
Kelly VanBrocklin
Kelly VanBrocklin (Student)
20 years ago
This is a great web site.

Technical Remarks:

> I spent about an hour reviewing this web site. The material on this web site
was easy to read and very eay to understand. The information that I found here
was just what I needed. Thank You
Jennifer Jaquay
Jennifer Jaquay (Student)
21 years ago
I found this website to be very interesting in that it breaks down into sections
the different ways to look at neuroscience and how to teach children about it.
I believe that this site allows for learning about a subject that may sound
terrifying but if applied in the right manner can be fun and educational at the
same time.

Technical Remarks:

I think that the software allows for first time users a "user friendly"
approach. It didn't seem to complicated in accessing the imformation that you
were looking for, may just going back might be a problem. AS for the merlot
system I think it is a great learning and teaching tool, and the comments from
users is a great idea to see how other people have viewed the material.
mercy austen
mercy austen (Student)
22 years ago
Overall I was very impressed with this website. It is an excellent teaching and
learning tool. The web page is bright and colorful and is well marked for easy
navigation. There are thirteen main areas to investigate. It is a fun,
interactive way for students (age 13-16) to learn about the brain. It also has a
section called "Resources for Teachers" that helps to plan a lesson!

Some highlights for students are the basic facts offered about the brain in
trivia style. For example,
the brain is made up of 100 billion neurons and weighs approximately 3 pounds.

There are puzzles, brain games and reflex games. The reflex games include
turning off the lights (so
that you pupils grow big), then turning them back on to time how long it takes
for them to shrink
again. There is another reflex game where students test each others knee jerk
reflex. I think the
games are significant, because they teach real concepts by doing.

There is also a section on a drawing contest, a free newsletter and a place to
send a card. This web
page also has a section where you can make notes and e-mail it to yourself.

I highly recommend the web page as a must for any student learning about the
brain in the 13-16 age
group. It is also a must for any biology or health instructor teaching this age
group about the brain. It
would be an excellent source of fun homework for students. In other words,
sending them to the
web page to learn about the Stroop Effect. It is a fun game. Try it. Some older
students could utilize
the web page, but might find it 'kiddish'.


Technical Remarks:

Great color and interest. Easy to navigate.