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Guide to Grammar and Writing

Guide to Grammar and Writing

Full of great tutorials, this website provides everything from the basic parts of speech all the way to writing the Argumentative essay and using proper MLA format. This site also contains excellent powerpoints for teaching grammar (especially when it comes to teaching the comma).


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Anna Mills
Anna Mills (Faculty)
2 years ago
I wish this were open-licensed!
Vicki Towne
Vicki Towne (Faculty)
1 year ago
Some internal topic links no longer function. For example, clicking the link "Avoiding Plagiarism" results in an internal 404 error or defaults to an eternal DNS error assist page depending on which instance of "Avoiding Plagiarism" is engaged.
Time spent reviewing site: 30 minutes
Alicia Merino Gamboa
Alicia Merino Gamboa (Teacher (K-12))
2 years ago
Nice tutorial, always grammaty can be a problem in the practice.
Nicole Klimow
Nicole Klimow (Faculty)
2 years ago
A comprehensive resource about grammar; a bit text heavy. Lots of great information. Could be a great resource tool for students.
Dora Espinoza
Dora Espinoza (Student)
3 years ago
This website provides a lot of resources for both teachers and students. I wish I had known this website existed before I taught Grammar I to EFL students. Instructions are clear. It has a great amount of exercises for practice. Students can be instructed to take the quizzes and self-assess their understanding of the different topics.
Milton McClary
Milton McClary (Faculty)
4 years ago
you can learn a lot from here
Leon Fleischer
Leon Fleischer (Teacher (K-12))
4 years ago
Here, students and instructors will find lessons on everything from punctuation guidelines to essay-writing strategies.
Used in course? Yes
Jessica Hoover
Jessica Hoover (Faculty)
5 years ago
This is a great source to include in any college classroom as a supplemental source (not just writing classes), as many students struggle with S/V, spelling, etc. The variety of options (suggestions, explanations, quizzes, etc) are useful, but some of the links are not working. Overall, this source can aid instructors in developing their lesson plans for Dev Ed courses or FYC courses where students are starting to grasp the ideas of ethos and clarity, as well as assist in other courses where communication is at the forefront.
John Sullivan
John Sullivan (Faculty)
6 years ago

This is a great site with a lot of useful materials; however, over the past year, quizzes and presentations have stopped working, so it may not be maintained any longer.

Used in course? Yes
shihua li
shihua li (Faculty)
8 years ago

I found this website quite useful for writing teachers at college level. They could use this website as a resource when they prepare their lessons. There are many subtopics related to English grammar and writing tips. Teachers can choose from a large of pool of resources but sometimes I found reading so many entries from the dropdown menu and pick those I want was not always an easy job. 

Some links are no longer available.

Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site: 30 minutes
Kaitlin Schlicht
Kaitlin Schlicht (Student)
9 years ago
This website is a good resource and easy to navigate. The pages are informative, with many examples, and students could refer to these pages when writing on their own. The organization of the pages is always clear with subjects broken down into more easily digestible chunks of content. I love the quizzes in particular. I had fun completing them myself, and I think students would enjoy the instant feedback. It would be great if this website included printables with condensed information so that students could have a grammar and writing aid always available.
Time spent reviewing site: 2 hours
Shonda Agbor
Shonda Agbor (Student)
9 years ago

This is a wonderful tool for teaching and learning grammar and writing. I will definitely return to this one.

Time spent reviewing site: 2 mins
Elizabeth Homan
Elizabeth Homan (Student)
10 years ago

I could see using this for grammar mini-lessons in writing classes or secondary English classes. I wouldn't want to spend too much of my time using it -- grammar is best taught in context, after all -- but it provides some good quick look-up resources for students and teachers

Mary Kaye Hooker
Mary Kaye Hooker (Librarian)
11 years ago

This is an excellent resource; however, in the section on vocabulary some links are dead with a bit of research needed to find their new homes. Other links for vocabulary do not represent the new words over the last ten years. Even a site for academic vocabulary was last updated in 2003 so newer terms such as multimodal and information literacy are not represented.   I do strongly recommend the sections on grammar and writing.


This would be an excellent site for some eager soul to update.

Time spent reviewing site: 20 minutes
maurisa riley
maurisa riley (Faculty)
11 years ago

The different electronic information is wonderful.   I could definitely use the different information in a computer lab setting or using an individual computer along with a projection screen.

Time spent reviewing site: 1 hour
Marcia Neudigate
Marcia Neudigate (Faculty)
13 years ago
I have used and recommended this site to students who are either struggling with grammar concepts or require refreshers in specific areas.

Technical Remarks:

One word of caution. Since this site drills down in grammar concepts and writing, the instructor should review and determine a path for the student(s)based on skill levels that are being studied. (Fundamentals, Composition I or II, etc.).
Time spent reviewing site: 20 minutes
Glen Southergill
Glen Southergill (Student)
14 years ago
Wonderful resource. Very user friendly. The exercises are a nice touch. I can see this being quite useful.
Judy Grace
Judy Grace (Faculty)
15 years ago
Short and clear: very good for students. Roll overs provide attention getting animation.

Technical Remarks:

Site well organized and user friendly.
Nancy Veiga
Nancy Veiga (Faculty)
15 years ago
I've used this site as a tutorial in my basic writing courses. Students find it easy to use and helpful once they get the hang of it. It's also a great link for students to work from at home. Some students struggled a bit at first understanding how to move throughout the site, but with a bit of help, they were soon pros. Students found the design fun and were eager to try it out, even if it was "grammar." They liked to compete with one another on certain assigned modules, or modules they explored on their own. With my transfer-level writing courses, I've used this site for students who need some brushing up on grammar and usage. Again, it was ideal with this because they could do it on their own at home or in the writing center. If they got stuck, they asked me and we could work through it together.

Technical Remarks:

Students reported it easy to use and accessible.
Used in course? Yes
Rebecca Wall
Rebecca Wall (Faculty)
19 years ago
I have used the grammar and usage parts of this site in my classes for two or three years, and I have also spent several hours exploring its resources. Its general title is accurate, because the site provides explanations, tutorials, and interactive exercises for a very wide range of grammar- and composition-related topics. The explanations use traditional schoolroom grammar and terminology, but they assume minimal prior knowledge and they are informed by a sophisticated understanding of how language works. Straight explanations are varied by PowerPoints, an "Ask Grammar" section, an FAQ, an extremely useful "Notorious Confusables" page, and various other resources.

The site's design makes it easy for instructors to give students URLs for specific grammatical concepts and usage rules to be reviewed (or learned for the first time). Clear explanations are followed by interactive exercises that illustrate the concepts and test students' understanding. My honors composition students frequently report not only that they really like the immediate feedback but also that the first interactive exercise makes them more attentive to material they thought they understood. Finding links to recommend is made simple by the site's search engine, index, and drop-down menus.

Technical Remarks:

The pages of the site, including the interactive exercises, work well and nearly always seem to be available. The closest thing to a design problem I have encountered is having to retype, rather than cut and paste, when putting in a corrected sentence as an answer in some of the quizzes.

Those who know what they want to look up will find the site relatively easy to use, although its size and complexity can make it hard to be sure one has found the best available section for the purpose. My only reservation about the site's helpfulness for general users is that it may be hard to look up a rule if one does not know what an error is called--but that is a problem common to reference works on this subject.
Used in course? Yes
Patti DiMond
Patti DiMond (Faculty)
17 years ago
I spent time accessing sites for supplemental grammar exercises for my Basic
Writing class at the university freshman level. I used this site extensively
for its fun, educational exercises dealing with pronoun case, adjectives and
adverbs, and modifiers. The materials were helpful for students as they
contributed to what we had addressed in class. Their learning was enhanced
because they liked using the computer and said the exercises were better than
doing in-class worksheets.

Technical Remarks:

Students found the site easy to get to and to navigate.
Used in course? Yes