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Virtual Pilgrimage

Virtual Pilgrimage

This site takes you on an interactive trip to the Holy Land. Contains excellent photographs.


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Terri Milroy
Terri Milroy (Faculty)
11 years ago

The amount of potential lecture material here for a medieval history course, or even a survey course that addresses the Crusades is enormous. However, as pointed out by other reviewers, there is no clear indicator of sources for most of the information; this could be problematic if the site were used by students for reference. Whether for instructor or student, the number of possible detours in the material is cumbersome and distracting, though the information contained therein is interesting.

I don't know that this material is useful for students, though I would imagine many faculty could make use of the material if time allowed them to find specific information they were looking for. A more streamlined method of finding material within the context of the whole would be of great benefit, and would likely add to the number of instructors who might use it.

Time spent reviewing site: 40 min
will simson
will simson (Faculty)
19 years ago
The creator of this site generously provides for free use of its contents. Persons who wish to use the contents for profit must contact the course creator. An introduction to this site explains that it contains myriad pages and that it would require several hours to fully read all material located therein.

After a nearly hour review of the module's layout and content I found it quite useful for a prepatory discussions on medieval lifeways, pilgrimages, and the effects of the crusades. Full of insights and anecdotes, the material is potentially engaging, but navigation through the pages is somewhat cumbersome. No site map exists--one has to page by page make one's way around.

The site contains primarily architectural imagery of important structures that "our pilgrim" might see as he travels from southern France to the Holy Land. However there exists little more visually here leaving me wondering more about the look and feel of the medieval world. The quality of the historical material itself is quite good and the bibliography underscores its reliance on worthy material. Text heavy, it could use both better quality imagery and bullet point summaries. Still, if an instructor is looking for a thorough discussion of the experiences of a pilgrim in the late medieval world, the sites one might see, key cities, troublesome occurances, and a window into the intricacies of the age, this site will satisfy as an introduction. Maintenance on this site is ongoing as is underscored by this comment by the site's creator,

"I now will get busy filling in the empty spaces with at least some sort of description. After that will come a picture hunt, trying to find something to illustrate each stop. After that, I intend to add sounds: both samples of songs from the era and sound files pronouncing the many strange words. Finally will come the side trips (e.g., to Damascus). This all will take months to complete. You will be able to check here to see how it's coming along." WS

Technical Remarks:

For general use no additional pluggin or audio/visual software needed