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The Mongols in World History

The Mongols in World History

A sophisticated web site on the history and impact of the Mongols. Separate pages deal with such topics as the nature of nomadic life, key figures, the Mongol Conquests, and the impact of the Mongols on China and the world. An image gallery and set of historical maps as well as other class materials and readings add to the value of the site. That one of the leading experts on the Mongols, Morris Rosabe, was a consultant gives the site much creditability.


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patrick malloy
patrick malloy (Faculty)
12 years ago

Quickly looked through the site. It looks like a very useful overview of the Mongol invasions and their aftermath.

Suggests many resources that might be of use to an instructor.

Navigation of the site is clear and intuitive.


Time spent reviewing site: 30 minutes
jarrod mcentarfer
jarrod mcentarfer (Faculty)
17 years ago
I am planning a biographical assignment for my students on Genghis Khan and am
going to use this site as a secondary source for them to investigate and
evaluate him. I found the outline of information user friendly and did not have
to spend hours finding the what I needed to answer the tasks that my class must

Technical Remarks:

The link was easy to explore and self explainatory. I believe my freshman class
will have little difficulty navigating.
Used in course? Yes
Allison Wrobel
Allison Wrobel (Student)
17 years ago
I am a college student, using this site as part of a class project. I choose
this site because I wanted to educate myself on something I knew nothing about.
I thought the site had a very nice interface, whose graphics and organization of
material made navigation easy. Small, organized blocks of text are much less
intimidating to read than solid pages of text. Each topic and sub-topic is
separately organized, but very easy to find, in case you need to easily find
something particular. Some key words on the site are linked to pictures offering
examples. I found this very useful, and only wish there could have been more of
it. The site doesn't offer the most extensive information on the subject, but
summarizes the key points. You can educate yourself on all the aspects of
Mongolian rule in China in a short span of time. So, obviously, the only thing
lacking would be more detailed and more referenced information (although there
was quite a bit of referenced information on the site). If you aren't satisfied
with your Mongolian education after perusing this site, you can always go
elsewhere - the site, in fact, helpfully links to other useful sites and books
regarding the specific topics found here. This site is just a taster, and I
think ideal for students first exploring the topic.
Jon Reid
Jon Reid (Student)
17 years ago
I spent about 15 minutes browsing the site and reading the different categories
of focus. The website seemed very well organized and provided an abundance of
information on the subject (The Mongols in World History). The information
seemed factual and provided illustrations and visual examples for the
information presented. The information reflects an important area of world
history and strikes me as educationally significant. It seems that if the
website is used correctly it will definitely serve as an effective tool for
learning. The website strikes me as being applicable to an older audience,
possibly secondary education (high school) students. The category should also
be easy to use as the home page itself is clearly broken into separate
categories of foucs that are links to the different areas of study.

Technical Remarks:

The website represented a modern use of the advances in website presentation.
The site looked very professional and the use of different fonts and colors was
utilized well. The site seemed to illustrate a good use of technology.
Used in course? Yes