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MERLOT Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching

MERLOT is a free and open resource designed primarily for faculty and students of higher education. Links to online learning materials are collected here along with annotations such as peer reviews and assignments.


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Christopher Carroll
14 years ago
This website is great! It allows you to become a member at no cost and you are able to navigate freely. helped me understand classroom material without leaving my own home. I am going to keep this website under my favorites tab for future uses as well. Thanks!
Used in course? Yes
Sally Robertson
Sally Robertson (Librarian)
1 year ago
This is an awesome tool for students and teachers to use to learn and teach better. With Smart Searching it is like Google for education. I recommend this highly.
alberto rodriguez
alberto rodriguez (Administrator)
5 years ago

Este material es prube para asignación universitaria



Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site:
jenna denardi
jenna denardi (Student)
14 years ago
I find merlot a very helpful resource. I can fina use for it in all of my classes.
Used in course? Yes
Meghan Stevens
Meghan Stevens (Student)
14 years ago
I think that this site is an excellent resource for students. It provides a wealth of easily understandable knowledge and the site is very easy to navigate. Being a student myself I really enjoyed this site and being a future educator I will recommend this site to future students :)
Erich Davis
Erich Davis (Student)
14 years ago
This website had a very user friendly home page. Not only does it feature math information but information on many other school related topics. The search section is great as well as the section that offers peer reviews on the content. Also, you can read the reviews that have been written to see the good and bad areas that others have experienced while using this website. I thought that the peer review section was the best I have ever used for website content. Great website, informative, and very easy to navigate through!
Used in course? Yes
Tesra House
Tesra House (Student)
14 years ago
1. This site combines sound principles with technology, this site didn’t many bells and whistles but never the less was very helpful. They have assessments and on-demand courses, and live online tutoring. They also offer a wide range of introductions to math and different concepts to ensure a deeper understanding and enjoyment of the subject.
Used in course? Yes
Jenna Straub
Jenna Straub (Student)
14 years ago
What an excellent and resourceful website! I have used this website as a source for research throughout my semester and it has been such an educational and helpful resource. Thank you to all who help make such a success!
Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site: Several hours worth of research throughout the semester.
Rachel Streety
Rachel Streety (Student)
14 years ago
I've been introduced to through my college professor in Mathematics for the Liberal Arts II class. I've since passed on the website information to my children in High School as well as co-workers who are also enrolled in school. Thank you for all the information provided! Thanks Mr. Rutledge - St. Petersburg College.
Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site: I've used the site several times for assignment purposes as well as helping my kids with their assignments!
Robyn Chambers
Robyn Chambers (Student)
14 years ago
This web site provides detailed information for probably any class that one could take. It is full of information needed for this course. I have actually used it and found it helpful for other classes that I am currently taking. This website is a great resource. It also allows you to create a page that you are able to use for future reference and allow other people to search topics and find the same information that you found to be helpful!
Used in course? Yes
Stephanie McAnally
Stephanie McAnally (Student)
14 years ago
I'm really glad I found out about It has been an invaluable tool for my assignment. The depth of knowledge at Merlot is second to none and I would definately recommend it to someone, because it has something for almost anyone.
Used in course? Yes
Rashyla Dickinson
Rashyla Dickinson (Student)
14 years ago
I highly recommend this site to any student searching for sites for any project in school. It is very resourceful and the atmosphere is personal due to the fact that you have your own account and also since the sites are those recommended by other students. Knowing that other students used the given sites for their reports and such and take the time to give reviews I am confident using the Merlot. It is easy to navigate as well and very organized! Since first visiting the site I have enjoyed the many made back! An excellent quick way to find sites for school work!
Used in course? Yes
kristen boyd
kristen boyd (Student)
14 years ago
I found Merlot to be very helpful. It helped me a lot on my webliography report in my math class. By exploring the different links I found a lot of information that helped me greatly. This is an awesome site and I would recommend it to anyone! :o)
Kristy Lawrence
Kristy Lawrence (Student)
14 years ago
Merlot gives students a great opportunity to organize their work and be able to get the maximum value out of their study time. It's really helpful to be able to keep track of all of the web sites which benefit your learning experience. I'm very glad that my teacher recommended Merlot!
Used in course? Yes
A. Tina Chester
A. Tina Chester (Student)
14 years ago
I found the Merlot site to be very good when it came to information about a particular subject. There was always information and links for further information if desired. I did find the site navigation to be slightly challenging at times.

Technical Remarks:

again, site navigation a bit challenging at times-difficult to find my way around.
Time spent reviewing site: Over all I may have spent 30 minutes on Merlot.
Ross Erickson
Ross Erickson (Student)
14 years ago
I found ‘Merlot’ extremely confusing for some reason. I rarely used it, and instead searched on my own. Probably ending up on a site that is in Merlot. The few times I was able to figure it out and get in there I found it would not really bring me to the search area I wanted or needed very efficiently. I understand that this is an award winning site, and that the fault probably lies in my ignorance in its use. I will continue to keep using Merlot for at least the rest of my collegiate career, and I will probably become better adapted to it as a result. I think the idea of this site is extraordinary though.

Technical Remarks:

As I said, there is a reason I did not include this in my Webliography report. It is not a simple thing to use for the beginner. Which is what many of us are.
Time spent reviewing site: Because I found it confusing right off the bat, I spent very little time with it. Maybe a total of 3 hours. If I cannot grasp a program that is meant for teaching in that amount of time I am going to try something else. This is what I did.
Adam Kuhns
Adam Kuhns (Student)
14 years ago is an excellent source of scholarly material relating to just about any subject imaginable. It keeps information related to a search relevant to that search. I used one of the resources in a speech that I had to give on an overview of nuclear power. One of my resources for the speech HAD to be a scholarly/.edu [trusted] resource. The web site to which linked had a reactor simulation program that made things easier for the laymen to understand. One of the shortcomings of is perhaps the extensive resources that it contains. Consequently, one must use very specific search terms.
Used in course? Yes
katherine clement
katherine clement (Student)
14 years ago
Merlot is an excellent resource of essays and other information online. Using others personal collections can help eliminate some of the research that someone else has already and you may find articles you hadn't thought to search for.
Used in course? Yes
Angel Clark
Angel Clark (Student)
14 years ago
This is a great because it helps you understand math in every way and in the every day world. It really helps, with the different links to all kinds of math information.
Used in course? Yes
Michael Lynch
Michael Lynch (Student)
14 years ago
This site, specifically the mathematics and statistics section, is especially helpful whenever you have to do any of the writing posts. There is a fairly substantial list of other websites along with explanations that provide a good overview of what a "webliography" is. Our book will tell students to visit this site throughout the course.

Technical Remarks:

It's pretty easy to use and well organized.
Used in course? Yes
Heather Pless
Heather Pless (Student)
14 years ago
This site gives a lot of useful information about the education professions. If, some one is having a problem with classroom management they can just find links and information on this website for it. In addition each subject that a person is looking for is broken down into communities.
Used in course? Yes
tim mannix
tim mannix (Student)
14 years ago
I have used the website for a class I am taking online, and I really enjoyed it. I'm not too much of a computer person, but it is very user friendly. I love the look of the website and all the useful information and links on it. Its all very easy to use and find, also I find it hard to look at plain, boring text. For me that is a big part of whether I like a website or not, and this one certainly wasn't boring.
Used in course? Yes
Joseph Kaspar
Joseph Kaspar (Student)
14 years ago
i have been in an online class for the past couple months and through this class, i have been introduced to this website. it is a great website for students to interact with for it does more than just offer help with just math problems. This website also offers incite into other fields such as humanities and science just to name a few. I would highly recommend this website to other students that are looking to further their education!
Used in course? Yes
Mallory Millan
Mallory Millan (Student)
14 years ago
I have never heard of this website before until i took the class liberal arts 2. i think all teachers should use this website especially if they have a class that requires alot of research. It would be helpful to alot of students and i have told other students about this website.
Used in course? Yes
Marianne Makar
Marianne Makar (Student)
14 years ago
I was introduced to MERLOT by my Professor while taking a Liberal Arts Math class this summer. I found the website to be loaded with interesting reliable information. It is also easy to maneuver around the site. I have recommended Merlot to my co-workers.
Used in course? Yes
Kerrin Malone
Kerrin Malone (Student)
14 years ago
This is a good site if you know exactly what it is you are looking for.

Technical Remarks:

I did not know anything about Merlot until this class. The advertisement is bad.
warnesha harris
warnesha harris (Student)
14 years ago
rating: excellent description: The Merlot website is a EXCELLENTteducational resource. It contains an extensive amount of information on a variety of topics and disiplines. The site is very well organized and easy to navigate. I like the interactive community involvment, the peer reviews and comment sections. I would definitley reccomend this site to ANY student!
Used in course? Yes
tiffany washburn
tiffany washburn (Student)
14 years ago
The Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching or MERLOT website is an online gathering place for the exchange of information. There are a large number of articles or resources available for almost any profession. Users can create profiles to contribute information to the site. I found a great deal of value from MERLOT. It is easy to search for information on a particular subject and there is a lot of great links posted.
taggart cheek
taggart cheek (Student)
14 years ago
MERLOT is a very educational and informative site. I am personally privileged and honored to be a member of MERLOT. I continue the learning journey with so many incredible minds. You are making the world a better place not only today, but also for future generations.
Used in course? Yes
John Krebs
John Krebs (Student)
14 years ago
1.) Merlot is a very immersive in its construction so that you can enjoy the site as a one-time visitor or create your own personal profile for long-term use. Merlot has a stellar variety in available educational material. And at the low price of free membership there’s no reason not to join and create a profile and continue life’s journey of knowledge and exploration from home. According to a generated site listing, Merlot boasts nearly 20 thousand different materials available to an constantly growing online community that currently has nearly 60 thousand members. Merlot allows users to post their own works and collaborate with other users in creating original ideas and sharing them in an educational forum.
Used in course? Yes
Jessika Parish
Jessika Parish (Student)
14 years ago
I like that this site has not only the listings of sites related to whatever the subject matter, but also that it has been rated by experts in the field. Also, that there is a way to keep track of those sites that you find useful. Even better, you can feel confident that you’re not wasting your time on sites that are not valuable for your purposes.
Used in course? Yes
Melanie Bradberry
Melanie Bradberry (Student)
14 years ago
I liked this website. Merlot is easy to navigate through and find the information you are looking for. I like the articles about all different subjects. There is something that can appeal to everyone. I like the assignment section for instructors. I think that even students can go on it to expand their learning.
Used in course? Yes
Ryan Martin
Ryan Martin (Student)
15 years ago
D) This website is great since it has all sorts of educational info for all subjects. I will be using this a resource for my term paper. This site is well organized and formatted magnificently, as well as easy to understand and move through. I thought it was easy to find what you are looking for. Also everything is rated, so you know what you are getting into when you click on the link
Used in course? Yes
Melisa Wilmot
Melisa Wilmot (Student)
15 years ago
I have found the merlot site to be a very interesting and informative site. The site is easy to navigate and easy to search as well. There is a plethora of information on numerous topics. The broad range of information available is a great resource for any student, and the knowledge itself could be pertinent to anyone, not just students. I was very happy to have found such a valuable tool for resources that is also very an interesting site to search, which is hard to come by.
Used in course? Yes
Clint Cisneros
Clint Cisneros (Student)
15 years ago
2. This site offers a free membership where you can post opinions and research information. You can share what you have learned and learn from others. You can order materials from this site if you are teaching or taking a class.
Used in course? Yes
Quentin Mack
Quentin Mack (Student)
15 years ago
1. is one site that I thought as very interesting and good to have around for students. This site focuses on subject materials and books and things of that sort. It has its own search engine for books and all. It has a high standard and will be used in future classes.
Used in course? Yes
Travis Kreider
Travis Kreider (Student)
15 years ago
The website is a very fascinating, useful, and very fun to visit. This site contains a myriad of information on all different subjects such as of course, math, forensic science, video games, and my personal favorite psychology. I would highly recommend this site as a supplemental educational tool for any course, or just to read some of the articles in your spare time in a certain discipline or hobby that interests you. This semester through the usage of this site for math related purposes, I also discovered I really want to be a psychologist. I not only found this site to be interesting I also found it to be highly informative.
Tiffany McKay
Tiffany McKay (Student)
15 years ago
I found Merlot to be very useful to me throughout this past semester in my math class at St. Petersburg College. I liked all the information this website provided me. From the very beginning I never had a problem locating the information I needed, which is always a big plus. I plan on using this website in the future, especially because I am majoring in Elementary Education.
Used in course? Yes
Gloria Emulut
Gloria Emulut (Student)
15 years ago
Merlot is an organization that provides online resources for Faculty and students around the world. You can also create your own permanent personal collection of resources within Merlot. I also find helpful that the material is rated by college and university faculty for the benefit of Merlot users. This site not only provide resources in Math but also in Art, Business, Education, Humanities, Science and Social Science.
Used in course? Yes
Celine Theano
Celine Theano (Student)
15 years ago
This website is an excellent source for students. In researching materials pertaining to International Business or school projects, I have found this site very user friendly. It seems that I can be on there for hours collecting data or retrieving materials. With my free membership, I have access to thousands of essential materials, books and scholarly articles. In addition, it is a great link to network with members of diverse industries. You can receive some great pointers from others’ comments, suggestions and ideas.
Used in course? Yes
Nicole Nadeau
Nicole Nadeau (Student)
15 years ago
Merlot is a great resource for learning and researching. I have been using it for my math class and other class as a helping hand. This site has a great array of materials for whatever project or subject you are looking for. It's a reliable source for information.

Technical Remarks:

This site is very easy to use and it has a easy to navigate layout.
Used in course? Yes
Tara Hammock
Tara Hammock (Student)
15 years ago
MERLOT’s strategic goal is to improve the effectiveness of teaching and learning by increasing the quantity and quality of peer reviewed online learning materials that can be easily incorporated into faculty designed courses. This vision on this site is to be a premiere online community where faculty, staff, and students from around the world share their learning materials that can be easily incorporated into faculty designed courses. When becoming a member you are able to contribute in learning materials, make comments about sources you have used, add an assignment to a learning material, create your own personal collection of learning resources, peer review work by others, and much more.
Used in course? Yes
Megan Coneby
Megan Coneby (Student)
15 years ago
MERLOT is a great resource to use. If it had not been for my math class instructor, I would have never known about this website. During the course I often forgot about using this website. I think in the future I will definitely use it. As you can see, this website has many great resources. Once I begin my bachelor's degree, this site will be used significantly. I recommend this site to anyone.
Used in course? Yes
Joseph adamec
Joseph adamec (Student)
15 years ago
I think that Merlot is a great site to use when you need help from others to find good webliograpys or web sites online. Concerning the great descriptions people leave is also one of the thing that help others to learn from one another. All member seam to have the same thing in commine is that they all want to learn more. I hope to see more results from this site.

Technical Remarks:

I think that the web site tools are well thought of and easy to use. Not too much color is used in the site which helps to find things more. I think that the technical part of the site is what rely makes it work.
Used in course? Yes
Ashley Carpenter
Ashley Carpenter (Student)
15 years ago
Merlot is a multimedia educational resource for learning and online teaching. It is simply stated a digital library of education material from all academic subjects. Merlot has a unique standard to gain knowledge about the material that is listed on their site. They have peer reviews which rates on quality of content, effectiveness and ease of use. Then to take it a step further, they have a comment section to detail exactly what the other “peers” thought of the material. This site is excellent and is extremely easy to navigate. Every time I use merlot I am able to quickly locate my needed material. When you need to find a resource you simply select the subject from the drop down list then type in your search description. Once material has come up, you are able to see a description of its contents, peer reviews, and the source of where the information came from as well as the author. It does focus primary on college level; however, does have several k-12 resources as well. It is continually expanding. It is currently valuable to me as a college student and I can see how it would be valuable to teachers as well. I recommend this site to everyone on all levels, really!
Megan MacKenzie
Megan MacKenzie (Student)
15 years ago
I used for my online Mathematics for Liberal Arts class. It was very helpful and highly recommended by my teachers. I was able to look up helpful websites for my work and able to learn more through these resources as well.
Used in course? Yes
John Graham
John Graham (Student)
15 years ago
Very well put together website searching and finding and even adding new materials is very user friendly. The information I found here is irreplaceable.
Used in course? Yes
Jennifer Lavallee
Jennifer Lavallee (Student)
15 years ago
MERLOT provides sources for any important information imaginable. I used it for my math class but also found materials I wanted to use in my own self-learning Japanese. It provides a wonderful abundance of links that can bring you to whatever you need to learn more about or need to use to teach others.
Used in course? Yes
Mathew McCollom
Mathew McCollom (Student)
15 years ago
This site is where other people put together profiles with links to other Websites. Merlot is a very helpful site, because you can search for topics that other people have researched and they have already rated the sites that are the most useful. This site shortens much of the research time on many topics. This is a great asset for the college student.
Used in course? Yes
lashauna williams
lashauna williams (Student)
15 years ago
I believe this site is one students can use outside of the classroom to network and get further info on subjects of their choice, as well as jobs and internships.

Technical Remarks:

Easy to understand and read.
Used in course? Yes
Amanda Rollins
Amanda Rollins (Student)
15 years ago
Merlot is a website for finding peer reviewed online teaching and learning materials and share advice and expertise about education with expert colleagues. You can also be recognized for your contributions to education. The site is an excellent place to find learning material in a number of areas including the arts, mathematics and statistics, education, science and technology and the social sciences. It is also a great place to meet new and intelligent people and to learn a wealth of new information.
Used in course? Yes
Brittany Barker
Brittany Barker (Student)
15 years ago
Merlot is an outstanding website full of accessible information and helpful articles that can be referenced or saved by each member. An excellent aspect to this website is the ability to save articles in your personal profile. You can also join communities that allow you to follow specific topics. As an over all my rating would an outstanding for this website.
rachel graham
rachel graham (null)
15 years ago
I think this website is very helpful and useful for students to use. I am a student who struggles in math and this website was a great resource for helping me understand things for my class more clearly.
Used in course? Yes
Glenda I Figueroa
Glenda I Figueroa (Student)
15 years ago
Site rating: Excellent! 4.Description: This is an excellent web site in which one can research not only math, but all kinds of information as well. This web site is very well presented and it has a search engine which helps easily with the information one is looking for. The most interesting part for me is that I can search for information on history from the Roman Empire and the Greeks. This web site was used to complete my class project.
Used in course? Yes
Lyndon Merthie
Lyndon Merthie (Student)
15 years ago
This site was most informative to me it helped me throughout the course. It showed me different sites that helped me gain more knowledge about liberal arts in general.
Used in course? Yes
June Musser
June Musser (Student)
15 years ago
I used this site many times during my coursework. The thing I liked the most about this site is that it is user friendly and allows any one to become accustomed with no problem. I really liked that I can look into many different sites and software for teaching opportunities and ways to make learning more adaptive. This site is definitely an A+ site for me. I would recommend it to anyone.

Technical Remarks:

Very easy to use. Guides you through the site very easily.
Used in course? Yes
Susan Morton
Susan Morton (Student)
15 years ago
This site is probably about the best math site I have ever visited. It’s a quality site and the material is trustworthy. The site is very user friendly and well organized. It contains information for people studying at all levels. There are many useful articles on the site, as well as many useful links. All in all, this is the best site I’ve accessed all semester.
Used in course? Yes
Laura Chinn
Laura Chinn (Student)
15 years ago
I really got alot out of using this website I love that it gives you access to so many different subjects not just one. I used this website for studying Egyptian numeration. I also used it to help a friend with her history class. That just shows how eclectic this site it! Thank you so much!
Used in course? Yes
Johnny Ha
Johnny Ha (Student)
15 years ago
I really liked the idea behind Merlot. It is very apparent after taking this class that math isn’t just math, but has other ties in music, art, literature etc. This site does just that, it correlates and ties together many sources, and brings together information of different areas of subjects to your fingertips.
Used in course? Yes
Christopher McClindon
15 years ago
Merlot has been an incredible source to have throughout this course. Its resourcefulness is thorough and I will continue to use it after this course is completed.
Used in course? Yes
Michelle Senner
Michelle Senner (Student)
15 years ago
This website is very informative and offers a plethora of information pertaining my specific coursework. It provides relief if I am having difficulty learning something because I know that will probably have something to help me study better.
Used in course? Yes
Jessica Duran
Jessica Duran (Student)
15 years ago
I think this is a great site. I am glad that our liberal arts teacher pointed it out to us. It was very helpful throughout our course. It was easy to register and now I will use this as a source with future classes.
Used in course? Yes
Amanda Conkel
Amanda Conkel (Student)
15 years ago
Merlot is an open resource designed primarily for faculty and students of higher education. This website provides links to online learning materials that are collected along with annotations such as peer reviews and assignments. The Merlot site is made up of individual members of higher education, institutional, corporate partners, and affiliates dedicated to improving education. Merlot consists of partners that contribute infrastructure, guidance, and expertise to their viewers. The material that is found can be used for students, or in a classroom being used by a professor.
Used in course? Yes
Diana Greenier
Diana Greenier (Student)
15 years ago
Merlot was been an invaluable website during my math class I am currently taking. I feel like it will be a great resource to use in my future teaching positions. It is very user friendly, and has information for all ages and math levels.
Used in course? Yes
tim kolb
tim kolb (Student)
15 years ago
This website is a great source of information for mathmatics. I reccomend this site to all people who will be taking liberal arts in the future. This site has been a guide to me throught this class. MERLOT has countless resouces available to members that can really benefit the user.
Marissa Wilson
Marissa Wilson (Teacher (K-12))
15 years ago is a great website for the subject of math. It is a great resource for teachers and students of all age levels and grades. It has an easy to use layout and wonderful communities to join. It is a very useful site that I will continue to use throughout my educational career.
Used in course? Yes
Keith Stillman
Keith Stillman (Student)
16 years ago
This site has alot of information that pertains to everything. I have used this site for my mathematics for liberal arts II class. It will point you to differnt websites that other people haev found useful. I liked that they gave rating on the site so if it did not have 4 stars or more I did not even go tot the site. The site was alittle confusing in the begining but after using the site for most of the semester it has became easier to find the information that I need.
Used in course? Yes
Vikki Brown
Vikki Brown (Student)
16 years ago
I used MERLOT for my class in Mathematics for Liberal Arts II. Everything that was needed for research in my class could be found on this website through links and additional website information. In addition, I visited other resources that were available on the website besides mathematics. There were so many valuable resources available for mathematics from the beginner in mathematics to the advanced learner. I am sure that I will continue to use this website in the future and after my class is completed.

Technical Remarks:

I found the website very "user friendly" and thought that it was also unique in allowing users to sign up as members and create a profile to maintain educational information to go back to again and again.
Used in course? Yes
Monika Jozsa
Monika Jozsa (Student)
16 years ago
I found MERLOT to be fairly easy to use because one can create an own profile and work with that, adding sourses as you find it, or you can check out the sourses provided by others. It's a good reference source when studying or looking up a specific topic for research.
Used in course? Yes
Jonathan Rice
Jonathan Rice (Student)
16 years ago
I found myself returning again and again to this web site. This site is the most informative and easy to follow that I have found. The amount of material at hand is mind boggling!
Used in course? Yes
Tiffany Antisen
Tiffany Antisen (Student)
16 years ago
I rated this website outstanding because there was so much useful information on this subject. I wish I would have gone onto this website before I did the project on it, because then maybe I would have had a better understanding of his triangle and how to construct it. Maybe next time before I do a project that seems too hard, I will just look it up online, and maybe I will get a website that explains to me how to do it. His triangle is very interesting if you really think about it. This website tells you what his triangle is, how you would construct it, and what it is used for. We use his triangle in algebra and even in probabilities. On this website, there are also many links to go into if you want to find out more about his triangle. I even went into this website for other classes, and it has helped me out tremendously. I will continue to use this website if I need any help on homework. This was by far, the best math website that I have ever been on.
Used in course? Yes
Lindsay Mirra
Lindsay Mirra (Student)
16 years ago
This website is very helpful for any student. You can get help with any subject and there is plenty of information to look through to help find the answer to almost any question. This website is very interactive and helpful for any subject matter.
Used in course? Yes
Ebony Williams
Ebony Williams (Student)
16 years ago
I have vesitied the website several times this semester and it has been beacuse i had to. I really do not enjoy websites such as these because they are too.too informational. you have to navigate through and through them to actually find what it is you are looking for. but for people who are doing reasearch or just really enjoy reading this is an excellent website.
Used in course? Yes
Heather Zigante
Heather Zigante (Student)
16 years ago
I found this site to be very informational. It was extremely useful when looking up information. I could use it for all of my classes and each of website I found was valid and a great help.

Technical Remarks:

The information was easily accessible and very clear. It did not take long to figure out the layout of the site.
Used in course? Yes
Vula McKenzie
Vula McKenzie (Student)
16 years ago
I think Merlot is a great site to have, it is very educational, and there are sites for all the mathematical poblems we are using in the class. Merlot also has biographies about all the mathematicans and scientist. I feel this website is very informative, and a great resource for any student to have.
Used in course? Yes
Ronniece Drake
Ronniece Drake (Student)
16 years ago
Description: I especially enjoyed this website. The internets’ resources have become so inaccurate and non-reliable when it comes to education. The website is not only for mathematics but many other subjects, which is helpful. I will definitely be using this website for my research paper in this class.
Used in course? Yes
Shauna Swanson
Shauna Swanson (Student)
16 years ago
MERLOT has been an endless source of valuable information this school year. I am so glad that my teacher told me about this website. I will definitely continue to use this site and I will definitely recommend it to other students as well. I could not believe how much useful information could be found on one website. It’s great and it is so easy to use too!
Used in course? Yes
Samantha Leon
Samantha Leon (Student)
16 years ago
I find this web site very informative I did find myself looking back into it through out this semester for my other 4 classes to find information. I would give this site an excellent rating for its material. Pretty much any subject your looking for you can find in this site I would recommend it to others who are writing papers or just looking for information.
Used in course? Yes
Jessica Freeman
Jessica Freeman (Student)
16 years ago
This site was very helpful because it had all kinds of things you could find on it. It provides access to high-quality online resources for not only students but also faculty. There are links to chemistry, art, psychology, biology, mathematics, and more. It also provides peer reviews.
Used in course? Yes
Barbara Spencer
Barbara Spencer (Student)
16 years ago
I was thrilled to find a site I could rely on, not only for extra assistance with Math, but with my subject major as well. I enjoy that there is so much to offer under one roof! Thanks for a great site. Barbara Spencer
Used in course? Yes
sean lawrence
sean lawrence (Student)
16 years ago
As a math site there is no other that help a student with update information then merlot.
Used in course? Yes
Nancilee Pelose
Nancilee Pelose (Student)
16 years ago
Merlot is an excellent source for information. I am currently using it for a Math class but I will definately return when I need it for other classes. It is easy to navigate. I have had no problems finding what I have come to look for.
Used in course? Yes
mary nolte
mary nolte (Student)
16 years ago
This site is a wealth of information. I think they did a great job arranging this site. There is a lot of content but pretty easy to get around. You can become a member for free and start contributing learning materials as well as create your own personal data along with some other perks. There are several disciplines you can search from here. The best thing I liked was that all the content this site had to be peer reviewed before it was able to be shown. I gave this site an excellent rating due to there is so much to search here you will never get bored and it just so well organized.
Used in course? Yes
Senahida Ribic
Senahida Ribic (Student)
16 years ago
its really nice how you can be member of this site and how you can make your personal collections. it also has learning materials. its an interesting site to visit. it also has a lot of helpful information and you also can write something and post it.
Used in course? Yes
Laura Munch
Laura Munch (Student)
16 years ago
At MERLOT you can find learning materials that have been reviewed by your piers. This site gave me insights to all the information that I could ask for in my Liberal Arts class,humanities and my nursing classes. I still have a lot to learn about this site. It is in my Fav's for future reference. This site is EXCELLENT!
Used in course? Yes
Elizabeth Garcia
16 years ago
The best website for math students and instructors in my opinion is Though this website does not focus mainly on one subject, it
does have help for others to find information through other websites. Higher
educators go through the websites and approve them to be on merlot’s site.
The development team goes through all of the sites to ensure quality and ensure
they will be helpful in the mathematic learning process.
Used in course? Yes
Tricia Hornsby
Tricia Hornsby (Student)
16 years ago
I found Merlot to be a very effective website in terms of the mathmatical
research I conducted. It is an excellent tool for both students and teachers
alike! All of the information is very credible and seems up to date. The
navigation was not difficult to follow which made finding information easy. I
would reccommend this site to anyone and I am sure going to use it in the
Used in course? Yes
Teresa Phoenix
Teresa Phoenix (Staff)
16 years ago
Topic: Merlot
Web Site: Site Rating: Excellent
This is a resource site for teachers and students in particular. I could see
where this could be a vital tool for instructors when looking for information on
many different things. I believe that the articles contained in this site are
up to date and cover current topics that teachers and students would be
interested in.
Used in course? Yes
James Panagiotacos
James Panagiotacos (Student)
16 years ago
Great site! This site offers much and is deep with not only a vast and diverse
selection of mathematical information buy also vast and diverse people in it- it
is in some ways the “my space” of math. Connecting and supporting users,
teachers and providers of math in all aspects and fields in the grand study of-
what many of this site consider-life.

Technical Remarks:

content, navigation is great- no common script errors or other silly things that
can hinder browsing and become annoying
Used in course? Yes
andrea sandidge
andrea sandidge (Student)
16 years ago
1. I have used Merlot just a few times, but the times that I have used it I
found it to be extremely effective in finding exactly the information I need.

2. The content in Merlot is better than in any other digital resource I have
ever seen. Forget about search engines and all the junk that comes up on them.

3. Yes I believe the effectiveness of using Merlot for online classes is very

4. Merlot is very user friendly.

Used in course? Yes
Tanya Nepote
Tanya Nepote (Student)
16 years ago
MERLOT is a free online resource for college faculty and students. It is a
great resource for all academic material. It not only covers math but covers
other academic disciplines as well. The articles are submitted by school
faculty, which is also reviewed by their peers and students. This site is very
easy to navigate. This is an excellent source for gathering research material.
I will be using this site in the future!

Used in course? Yes
Richard Preil, Jr.
Richard Preil, Jr. (Student)
16 years ago
MERLOT has been an invaluable tool throughout this class thus far. It is a
tool that I will take with me not only through the rest of my college days, but
also through my teaching career. It has helped me with countless problems
through the course , and has been an enjoyable site to sift through. I find
myself looking for something specific and getting side tracked on other
interesting things. It’s a great site.
Used in course? Yes
16 years ago
I am glad I got a chance to experience this class. The merlot website is
awesome. It makes me feel like there is nothing in mathematics that I can not
do or locate if I needed assistance. It has links with a lot of material. The
information can be trusted. I think with the way we rely on computers and do a
lot of research for classes, it is important to know the information on this
website can be trusted. The website pretty much touches on every possible
subject. Again it is an awesome tool to have.
Used in course? Yes
Kornvipa Luevitoolvetchkij
16 years ago
MERLOT is absolutely a sufficient learning database. I am majoring in mass
communications and concentrating on journalism, therefore I am constantly
searching for texts and other sources that may further my knowledge in writing
and literature. By using the MERLOT's "browse materials" option I am able to
narrow down my search and determine what suits me best by accessing reviews made
by other members. Another advantage with MERLOT is how easy it is to navigate due to
the distinct links. I'm very glad that we were encouraged to explore MERLOT
through this class; it has enabled me to have access to very useful and
educational information.
Used in course? Yes
Patty Lister
Patty Lister (Student)
16 years ago
I was directed to this site as an assignment at the beginning of the Liberal
Arts Class I am taking at St. Petersburg College. I found that it was filled
with all kinds of different subjects ranging from arts and science to business
and humanities. I was particularly interested in the link to Early Childhood
Education, my major. I needed to refer continually to the internet for
resources during this course and it seemed I always ended up here. I am not a
math wiz and it is a continual struggle for me to get through the required math
courses I need to take. This site helps the inapt math person get through the
courses they need to take in order to get their degree. I am now taking my last
required course and am thankful I have this site as a reference to help me

Used in course? Yes
Kimberly Sandora
Kimberly Sandora (Student)
16 years ago
I have used this site throughout my Liberal Arts II math course. By far, this is
the best online resource for all educational subjects. The website is easy to
use and provides many links to online material. Once becoming a member, the user
can browse material by subject area and the amount of information incorporated
into this website is astounding. The Merlot Community is comprised of
individuals as well as higher educational communities. Links to the members are
available in the Member Directory. The user can also contribute new educational
links as well as comment on existing sites. This website should be kept as a
Favorite by all students.
George Willett
George Willett (Student)
16 years ago
Merlot is fantastic! I have used this site for several projects as a student,
and plan to use it often when I begin teaching. I have found great, reliable
information on every topic that I needed information on. Keep up the good work!
Used in course? Yes
Cynthia Houllis
Cynthia Houllis (Student)
16 years ago
While researching information on the web for a report, I became frustrated with
information that was not relevant or had too little information on the
particular aspect of the topic. I decided to check the MERLOT website and was
delightfully surprised to find the following website:

Thank you, MERLOT, for linking me to "Link Mail" a site that promotes itself by
saying, "We search the web, you get the links." As the web grows so do the
contents, but not necessarily the best and most appropriate resources. Search
engines are good for the initial inquiry, but are lengthy and difficult to weed
through. Thenks to MERLOT, I found "Link Mail" and the search for quality links
and information was done for me. I was very happy with the results of the
search that Link Mail did (and emailed me immediately). I would rate this
resource as a 5 star! It saved me time and more importantly, I was able to read
relevant and in depth information about my topic.
Used in course? Yes
Jennifer Martin
Jennifer Martin (Student)
16 years ago
Famous math quotes
I used this site for our famous math quotes assignment. There were so many at
this site to choose from, this simple assignment took me the longest. There are
many thought provoking sayings and ideas to read through. Much more variety was
found here then at similar sites.
Jenn Martin
Used in course? Yes
Stephen Krantz
Stephen Krantz (Student)
17 years ago
: Merlot is an organization that is devoted to providing access to high-quality,
peer-reviewed online resources for teaching and learning. Merlot encompasses
more than a dozen different academic disciplines. The primary focus is at the
college level; however, there are many resources for the K-12 level as well.
Most of the websites that contain valuable reference material are registered
with Merlot. Merlot is a wealth of knowledge for any student who is in search of
Used in course? Yes
Kelly Vance
Kelly Vance (Student)
17 years ago
I think that Merlot is a wonderful resource for students and teachers. The
information is categorized in such an easy way that using it is a pleasure. You
can use it to enhance any subject that you want to learn more about. It really
helped me get through my math class.

Used in course? Yes
Irina Westerfield
Irina Westerfield (Student)
17 years ago
Another interesting web site, which has captured my attention, is Multimedia
Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching MERLOT. I have used this
web site for my math research and I found this web site quite useful. This site
has been designed for teachers and college students. The web site is intended to
help both teachers and students to achieve their goals in a learning process.
For example, MERLOT peer review conducts structured peer reviews of online
learning materials. This feature allow faculty from any institution of higher
education to decide if the online teaching – learning materials they are
examining will work in their course(s). Also, MERLOT is free and open resource.
Membership is free (which is significant for non- employed students). Any member
may add materials, comments and assignments to MERLOT. The Merlot community is
made up of individual members and higher education, institutional, and corporate
partners and affiliates dedicated to improving education. Individual MERLOT
members support the community by contributing materials and adding assignments
and comments to the MERLOT collection. The web site has some great features like
federated search (search multiple digital libraries), MERLOT conferences (about
yearly International Conferences), MERLOT awards (recognizing exemplary
materials), MERLOT RSS (syndicated MERLOT content). I would recommend MERLOT to
all college students and faculty.

Used in course? Yes
Crystal Lawhorn
Crystal Lawhorn (Student)
17 years ago
This site was very helpful to me while complete my math course at St. Petersburg
College. The resources offered on this site were unbelievable. Thank you for
your help and the access to the web site. I have spent a few hours over all on
this site trying to find research or help with mathematical problems. I could
defiantly see my self-using this site in the future because I plan on being a
teacher. I also found the information to be useful and well as educational. I
found that after using this site I felt as though I had really learned
something. I did not feel confused or mislead. The first time I logged in to
this web site I had no problems finding my way around.
Used in course? Yes
Christen Gildard
Christen Gildard (Student)
17 years ago
I have considered myself very lucky to have been able to use this website this
past semester. My math instructor told my class about this site and its useful
properties and I have used it all semester! It is easy to browse through the
materials as well as search for something specific. This site provided me with
tons of information. I have been using Merlot on a regular basis for the past 4
months and have been extremely happy with all of the material I have recieved
and all of the links that I have used.
Used in course? Yes
sharon hutchinson
sharon hutchinson (Student)
17 years ago
I was introduced to this site through this class (Liberal Arts Math) and it’s a
great one filled with all kinds of different subjects ranging from arts and
science to business and humanities. The main focus of course for using it this
semester is for mathematics and they have any topic you need to find. This site
can be used for research papers as well as for browsing interesting material.
The main page lists the subjects and as you click on one the subcategories open
up and also there is a search field for hard to find topics. You also have the
chance to become a member and have a profile that saves certain websites in a
collection for you to reference back to at a later time. Many math sites that I
have visited this semester seem to reference or link back to merlot in some way,
which speaks for is credibility.
Amy Forret
Amy Forret (Student)
17 years ago
This is an excellent site for finding out just about anything you need to know
about anything mathematically such as Pascal's Triangle, Fibonacci numbers, or
anything else. It is a great source for college students and should definitely
be used.
Used in course? Yes
Debbie Sailor
Debbie Sailor (Student)
17 years ago
I found this site very informative with access to alot of good information with
an easy way to keep track of all of the information that is most useful to
yourself. The only problem I have had was navigating around, it seems confusing
at times. Otherwise GREAT site.
Lori Rame
Lori Rame (Student)
17 years ago
This site, Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching, or
MERLOT, should be stamped on the hand of every incoming college freshman. It is
an invaluable tool when it comes to researching topics for term papers,
assignments, or just general knowledge. These days everyone including the
family dog can have a web site and expound every crazy notion under the sun.
When you use a search engine you can retrieve hundreds of web sites; sorting
through them can be time consuming, frustrating and irritating. MERLOT is a
wonderful tool because you know the caliber of the information will be
Used in course? Yes