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Networks For Beginners

Networks For Beginners

Site provides a list of links with diagrams and definitions (Ethernet, E-mail, Firewalls, etc.)


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Calvino (Student)
19 years ago
The article was great from 10,000 feet. However, I think a beginner could get a
little distracted with all the grammatical errors presented on the site. I
feel these same errors may cause the article to lose some credibility.

Aside from that though, I think the graphics were well placed, and the links to
other topics was very helpful as a refresher.

Technical Remarks:

Technically, I thought the article was general enough for a beginner, and a good
refresher for the novice.
Therezita Ortiz
Therezita Ortiz (Faculty)
20 years ago
Excellent site with graphics and definitions. Clear and well organized. Easy to
navigate. Can be used for all levels of networking courses.
Huafeng Wang
Huafeng Wang (Student)
19 years ago
Good website! The nice graphics, format and navigation can help people to better
understand. It took me 20 minute to read.

Technical Remarks:

It?s including the summary of main topics in Networks. The definitions are
clear. It?s good web site for beginners. I specifically like the definition
summary in Internet Protocols and the graphics in Token Ring LANs.
Gerald Jensen
Gerald Jensen (Student)
19 years ago
Good graphics and presentation format. Material was easy to review and navigate.
Approximately 15 minutes was spent reviewing content.

Technical Remarks:

Material is sufficient as a very top level overview of networking and some of
the components involved with networking. It would not be adequate for any type
of detailed discussion (e.g. pro/con, why would you select a switch vs a hub vs
a repeater).

Lynne Williams
Lynne Williams (Faculty)
11 years ago

Clever use of animation to guide the student through a relatively complex networking operation.  The various pieces of equipment are given "personalities" that capture the student's attention, and there's a nice sense of humor to the tutorial.

Technical Remarks:

The "sniffing" exercise doesn't work properly in IE 9.

Kevin Zhang
Kevin Zhang (Student)
19 years ago
I like the article. It introduces the general concept and basic components of
networks to beginners through an email example. The whole article uses an email
example as thread to demonstrate how a computer attached to internet sends a
message to another computer on a remote side through LAN-WAN-LAN with many
components on them. I am a student who is taking the course !?Networking!?. We
have almost learned all the concept, components and working mechanism introduced
in the article. In fact, I take the article as a test to see how much I
mastered what I have learned from the course !?Networking!?. Reading the article
helps me reviews the basic concept and components and further impresses the
understanding to the networking technology.

Technical Remarks:

Just like its name implied, the article only simply introduces the basic concept
of networking. It does not discuss deeply any technical processing details of
Pehoski (Student)
19 years ago
A good overview of a lot of the hardware and terminology used, but a little
on specifics. There was not a lot of continuity between the pages, although
links to related topics were provided. Easy to use and navigate. I like the
look and layout of the pages-- not too busy, and self contained, only addressing
a limited amount of information per page.

Technical Remarks:

A summary page would be helpful-- i.e., what is the purpose of this
presentation? Who's the audience?

I hope this isn't part of a commercial presentation-- there are way too many
spelling and grammatical errors (buad, discared, As it's name implies, etc.)

Kevin Kurth
Kevin Kurth (Student)
19 years ago
I spent about 10 minutes reviewing the material.

The quality of the simple, straight-forward definitions of some fairly technical
concepts is very good. The topics covered are those any beginning network
student needs to know and will encounter.

This is material that beginners will be able to understand and use. Other
sources often cover these topics with technical jargon that beginners might
struggle with.

The material is easy to use and does a good job of providing links to terms used
to define some of the topics.

Technical Remarks:

Good use of graphics to illustrate things such as firewalls, hubs and gateways.