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Collection of resources and tools for teaching Spanish. Lesson Plans and activities for the Sopanish classsroom.


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Jorge Hernandez Camacho
Jorge Hernandez Camacho (Teacher (K-12))
2 years ago
There are some excellent resources for Spanish Teachers on this website. For example, I loved the celebrities' masks (they look hilarious), the chistes section, and the music madness contest. However, I prefer quality instead of quantity. The author's tools are enormous, but for several reasons, I consider that he should pay more attention to their presentation to make them more engaging and attractive for students and teachers. I know it is not easy to create the perfect tool. It requires patience in learning how to use a design program and hours of thinking to decide how the colors and fonts and content harmonize. The thing is that teachers don't have too much time to invest in other than their classes. Sometimes, the workload is so dense that even making a simple vocabulary list more appealing becomes a challenge. But, I also know that teachers should compromise more on providing students a higher quality of education. Including, the resources we create to teach in our classrooms. Don't take me wrong; I appreciate the effort so many teachers make to facilitate the teaching of the Spanish language by creating websites where educators can find inspiration. Still, language teachers need to understand that we need to impress students every time we have the chance because, unfortunately, our classes are not taken seriously.