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Learn Spanish: Spanish Pronunciation

Learn Spanish: Spanish Pronunciation

A web site with pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary activities in the Spanish language.Hundreds of free lessons and practice activities. The Peer review for this item focuses on the Spanish Pronunciation tutorial


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Vallarie Sevilla
Vallarie Sevilla (Teacher (K-12))
2 years ago
Site is very easy to use and the explanations are thorough and precise. This is an excellent resource for explaining difficult grammar concepts. The grammar activities generally include a short assessment at the end.
Used in course? Yes
G. Cory Duclos
G. Cory Duclos (Student)
10 years ago

This is a great supplemental resource for teachers. It allows students to easily review the basics of Spanish pronunciation, providing recorded samples of two native speakers.

Technical Remarks:

This material can easily be used by students on their own. This is a site that I have reccomended to my students seeking extended practice with pronunciation, and it has seemed beneficial to them.

Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site: 1 hour
scott cirmo
scott cirmo (Student)
21 years ago
This site was to allow visitor to test their skills in Spanish and Spanish
grammar. The site allows the visitor to take quizzes on all types of grammatical
forms of the language. These test results can then be forwarded to the
visitor's professor for recording. This way the student can practice for
upcoming exams and the teacher or professor can use this as a grade.
The site is fairly easy to use, it is self-guiding and has some links to other
study sites. All of the material is valid on the site and has been approved by
many professors in the Spanish curriculum. This is an interactive site so the
tests and drills can be done with ease and grades are shown immediately after
completion of the drills or tests.
I am a student who frequents the site when in need of help in this area. I find
that the site improves my Spanish skills dramatically and has help improve my
grades. I recommend this site to anyone who is learning the language from the
start, or has some background in the language, or who teaches the language.
This site would be a great addition to merlot since many people are learning the
language. This site may help those who struggle in Spanish like it did for me.
Therefore this site deserves a 5 star rating.

Technical Remarks:

There were no technical problems with the site that I encountered. The site is
self-guiding therefore outside help is not needed if the person has any
knowledge of computers. No glitches were detected in the site everything seemed
to work correctly and work properly. The site is free, no software needed to run
the site or hardware, the only thing that the visitor needs is an account with
the site. A form is given to fill out on the site where the person will choose a
name and password, this takes a few seconds to finish then the site is open to
that person for use. This is a very straight forward site and a very accurate
site for the Spanish educators and educates.