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Optics for Kids: Science and Engineering

Optics for Kids: Science and Engineering

This site provides a very clear and organized overview about optics, the science of light. There is a table of contents near the top of the site that links to all sorts of information, diagrams, and related about light, lenses, lasers, scientists and engineers, careers and more. The wealth of information here provides a nice starting point for student teachers to develop lesson plans that are focused on particular topics within this site such as white light and laser light or camera lenses. For some, it may provide a quick review and quick reference.


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Teacher Education Editorial Board
21 years ago
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Cris Guenter
Cris Guenter (Faculty)
22 years ago
This site is clean, clear and concise in providing thoughtful overviews on many
areas related to optics. I have used this site in my student teaching classes
when covering colors, color mixing, and light in the arts. The diagrams are
clear and show up well on a large screen. My point gets made in a fast and
efficient way. The students often take note of the site and some use parts of
the site in lessons that they develop for their elementary and middle school