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The Exploratorium's Cow Eye Dissection

The Exploratorium's Cow Eye Dissection

This web site, part of the larger site from the Exploratorium in San Francisco, features one of its most popular demonstrations, a cow's eye dissection. The site is useful for young and old alike. It was developed to help young and old satisfy their curiosity about what is inside an eye. This site does not replace an actual eye dissection, but offers materials and interactivity that will enhance the learning about dissection. Step-by-Step demonstrates a cow eye dissection. Hints and Tips offers audio information from Exploratorium planners. Cow Eye Primer includes a small interactive program that teaches about the parts of the eye. A glossary, links to other Eye web sites, and a feedback area are also part of this site.


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Cris Guenter
Cris Guenter (Faculty)
22 years ago
This site, within the Exploratorium's larger site, offers a range of
presentations, learning styles, and perspectives for discovering what an eye
actually is and how it works. Audio, visuals, video, and text provide
information, steps and viewpoints that will students young and old gain insight
about sight. This site could be used by teachers to help elementary and middle
school students really discover information about the eye and enhance what
studies may be occurring in the actual classroom.

The organization and presentation of this site make it easy to navigate and
select the options you wish to research.

Technical Remarks:

RelPlayer and QuickTime 2.0 or higher for both Macs and PCs is needed to view
the eye dissection demonstration. Acrobat Reader is needed if you wish to
download the printable steps and eye information made avaialble at this site.