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Bad Bug Book

Bad Bug Book

This site provides basic facts about foodborne diseases caused by viruses, bacteria, parasites, or toxins.


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Teresa Wolfe
Teresa Wolfe (Faculty)
6 years ago

Because this publication is put out by the FDA and the US Dept of Health & Human Services, both of which are government agencies, this is not copyrighted material. It's automatically in the public domain, as publications created by government agencies/personnel are done using public funds. Someone correct me here if I am wrong. Thanks! 

Harsha Sharma
Harsha Sharma (Faculty)
9 years ago

This is an excellent resource for students enrolled in Health Sciences. This site will greatly benefit students enrolled in the Nursing program; there is a direct application to their field. I would recommend the inclusion of Pseudomonas aeruginosa and its role in healthcare setting. Consumer snapshot is a great way of showing applicable information to daily life.

Jacqueline Paulina Martínez Pavez
10 years ago

Muy útil ya que aparecen los principales agentes patógenos causantes de enfermedades transmitidas por alimentos, sus características, enfermedades, vías de contaminación, síntomas, período de incubación, etc.

Jim Bidlack
Jim Bidlack (Faculty)
10 years ago

The site was a bit bland, but it was a rich source of information. This would be a good site for older students to find more indepth information.

Time spent reviewing site: 5 minutes
Beth Hoffman
Beth Hoffman (Faculty)
13 years ago
I would recommend this site for students looking to learn more about specific pathogens and toxins. It is a great jumping-off point and would be a wonderful first resource for a class presentation.
Sheri Kahnke
Sheri Kahnke (Student)
19 years ago
I spent time utilizing this information and also developed a lesson plan for it.
The quality of the content is excellent and very well organized. This is a
very concise and usable site. Student's could benefit from this site if it is
incorporated into lessons effectively.
Used in course? Yes
Mary Jo Gorney-Moreno
22 years ago
This is an excellence source of information for nursing students in their public
or community health courses. Would the contributor please add nursing as an
interest site?
A case study would be helpful at the site.
Judith Kandel
Judith Kandel (Faculty)
22 years ago
Anyone interested in a concise discussion of the microbes and toxins causing
foodborne disease should check out this site. Each page discusses the organism
and the disease including the factors contributing to infection. This site is
text only and can be downloaded in a compressed version for printing by
accessing the link to the preface. However, the online version has links to
search results on recent outbreaks from the Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention publication "Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Reports" and to abstracts
of recent articles through the NIH Pub Med site. Additional information can be
accessed by connecting to appendices on epidemiology, infectious dose, and
factors that influence microbial growth in foods.

Technical Remarks:

The link to NIH PubMed is to the old site from which one can access the latest
version of PubMed.