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Cranial Nerves

This module is a portion of a course on exploration of the nervous system. The focus of this module is on the cranial nerves, their function and their assessment. There are several types of materials: text, photographs, sound, quizzes and a puzzle. Key words: Cranial nerves, health assessment


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Gary Shine
Gary Shine (Student)
5 years ago

This material is accurate but could be more interactive to gain interest.

Time spent reviewing site: 10 Minutes
Sammi Shepard
Sammi Shepard (Student)
5 years ago

This material was very concise yet informative. It showed pictures, definitions, mnemonics, and examples on how to test each nerve to help aid in learning the information. 

Cindy Farris
Cindy Farris (Faculty)
6 years ago

Great way to review and also learn the cranial nerves.  You can also hear how to pronounce the names.

Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site: 10 minutes
Sheila Crook-Lockwood
8 years ago

This learning activity presents an in-depth review of cranial nerves. The site promotes retention of material through the use of mnemonics, diagrams, quizzes, and audio. After using the site, students should be able to recall the names and purpose of all 12 cranial nerves. The site is appropriate for the college-aged student, unfortunately, the site uses the phrasing "cranial nerves for kids" which could be a barrier for the use in a college setting.

One drawback with Quiz 1, if an incorrect answer is chosen, the correct answer is not supplied.

Overall, the site is easy to navigate and intuitive. 

Time spent reviewing site: 20 minutes
Angelica Gonzalez
Angelica Gonzalez (Student)
9 years ago

I liked that the information was direct and to the point.  The material is simple and easy to understand.  It is appropriate for the target audience.

Time spent reviewing site: 30 minutes
Lori Nelson
Lori Nelson (Faculty)
10 years ago

This looks like it would be very helpful for my communication disorders students. I especially like the activities for examining nerves and the links at the bottom of the page. All look very useful in helping students to master cranial nerve content. Students really enjoy hands-on activities. The photos also add to the interest level of the material.

Denise Linton
Denise Linton (Faculty)
10 years ago

Very good presentation I can see where undergraduate nursing students can benefit tremendously from this presentation. Graduate students would benefit more from this presentation if there was an assessment (how to assess each CN) section.

Technical Remarks:

The hear it section is very good addition for freshman students who are not yet familar with the language.

Inna Plugovaya
Inna Plugovaya (Student)
12 years ago
I really like how simple the site was, everything is neatly put into a chart with the names of the nerves and accompanying pictures. The one thing that I would suggest is having a column for describing whether the nerve is sensory, motor, or both. I particularly liked the "test your cranial nerves" section, and believe that it can be a fun interactive activity for students of any age (as I have done these tests in my nursing classes and found the activity both fun and helpful in learning and assessing the cranial nerves).

Technical Remarks:

I did not come across any technical problems.
Time spent reviewing site: I spent about 25 minutes on the site.