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Vector Math

Vector Math

A Java applet for demonstrating vector addition and subtraction using the head-to-tail method of vector summation.


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John Burger
John Burger (Student)
22 years ago
The movement and adjustment of vectors was a little troublesome at first, but
after a while the program is very helpful and easy.
Kara Morgan
Kara Morgan (Student)
22 years ago
This site was helpful.
Dara Clayton
Dara Clayton (Student)
22 years ago
Nice job. I especially like how you including the coordinate system for each
vector. It was very helpful.

Luke Boyer
Luke Boyer (Student)
22 years ago
Not the best vector page. Would have been better if more aesthetic.

Shirley Sung
Shirley Sung (Student)
22 years ago
Nice site! S.S.
TC Kida
TC Kida (Student)
22 years ago
Not very flexible, but it works. Once you place the vectors, there is no way to
change them but to restart. Otherwise, good.
Ryan Dennis
Ryan Dennis (Student)
22 years ago
This site is a great tool for someone wishing to enhance their ability to add
vectors using the head to tail method.
Jaime Hale
Jaime Hale (Student)
22 years ago
some neat material! very helpful!
John Walkup
John Walkup (Staff)
22 years ago
The drawback of this applet is that it forces the user to add vectors with the tip to tail method, and not (imo, the more useful) parallelogram method. However, the applet runs smoothly and is instructive nonetheless.