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Vector Addition (Physics, Math)

Vector Addition (Physics, Math)

Graphically adds any two vectors to get a third.


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Ahmed Ibrahim
Ahmed Ibrahim (Staff)
12 years ago

Excellent physic java applet.

Nealsen Pe Benito
Nealsen Pe Benito (Student)
13 years ago
Demonstrates vector addition through the use of the parallelogram method but is limited to the use of only 2 vectors. I'm assuming the addition of the 3D vectors is just for more complex vector addition. Also provides extra information for each of the vectors drawn and added for your personal convenience if needed.
John Burger
John Burger (Student)
22 years ago
The 3 dimensional graph is extremely cool and adds a little life to the
extensively used 2 dimensional graph.
BJ James
BJ James (Student)
22 years ago
This site was very interesting. It showed me how the head to tail method is
actually correct.
Dara Clayton
Dara Clayton (Student)
22 years ago
Very nice for adding two vectors.

William Atkins
William Atkins (Student)
22 years ago
Does a superb job of demonstrating vector addition through the use of the
parallelogram method. I also like the extra information provided for each of
the vectors drawn and added.
Mason Cole
Mason Cole (Student)
22 years ago
This is a fairly good website, especially on the 2-D vectors with the vector
sliding down the length of the other vector to show the resultant! My main
complaint is that the 3-D vectors (I tried one out for fun) are a little too
slow. The graphics are sparse, but still pretty good. --MJC
Luke Boyer
Luke Boyer (Student)
22 years ago
Very neat applet that does a good job showing the addition of two vectors.
Although it is limited to two vectors, the 3-D vectors increased its rating.
Shirley Sung
Shirley Sung (Student)
22 years ago
Good intro. for a demonstration of vector addition. S.S.
TC Kida
TC Kida (Student)
22 years ago
Cool. Smooth and nice. I like it.
Ryan Dennis
Ryan Dennis (Student)
22 years ago
This site is adequate for simple vector addition; however, it lacks versatility,
thus, I only gave it 3 stars.
Jaime Hale
Jaime Hale (Student)
22 years ago
I liked how helpful the site was.
John Walkup
John Walkup (Staff)
22 years ago
One of the better running vector addition applets available. Unfortunately, limited to two vectors. The extra applet that demonstrates 3-D addition of vectors is a bonus, but the perspective is a little hard to discern.