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ABG Online Learning Activity

ABG Online Learning Activity

An interactive online learning activity for nurses and healthcare personnel.  Log in is required for credit.    **The link at the bottom of the page is active if you are not completing the tutorial for credit.** 


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Laura Hoffman
Laura Hoffman (Faculty)
1 year ago
This learning module took me about 1 hour to review. The material in this module is presented in an easy to understand format. It allows adult learners the opportunity to apply their knowledge through quizzes. ABGs is a difficult topic for most to understand. The educational material would be easy for a nursing instructor to utilize in class to reinforce concepts that they've learned in lecture or lab. I was able to easily navigate through the module and all of the links and tabs worked correctly. This module is a great resource and I highly recommend it!
K. Gradel
K. Gradel (Faculty)
5 years ago
Nice example of building knowledge and functional self-assessment.
Heidi Sherman
Heidi Sherman (Student)
5 years ago
The author recommends that you should be very familiar with acid-base physiology before attempting this activity.
Gary Shine
Gary Shine (Student)
5 years ago

ABG are an essential resoource for clinical diagnosis and often lead the charge for a suitable working diagnosis. Understanding ABG's is a critical element.

Used in course? Yes
Sammi Shepard
Sammi Shepard (Student)
5 years ago

I enjoyed this material because after you read the information you can test your knowledge on the 10 case study questions. This material was very informatively and concisely written!

Deanna Jung
Deanna Jung (Faculty)
6 years ago
Failed to open stream error message occurred while trying to access the material. Tried twice.
Jaime Hannans
Jaime Hannans (Faculty)
7 years ago
Good review of ABG interpretation that is brief, but clear. Follow through with case study practice for application. Can be used in-class or independently for practice. Useful in practicing the more difficult concept of compensated versus uncompensated alterations in ABG's
Time spent reviewing site: 1 hour
Christa Steffens
Christa Steffens (Faculty)
8 years ago

I used this activity in a nurse residency program as a review of arterial blood gasses.  I incorporated the tutorial as a part of a "Jeopardy" style game in which resident groups competed against one another to complete the quiz questions.  The residents really enjoyed the activity.  A few ICU nurses even commented that they used the tutorial after hearing about it from the nurse residents.  Since then, the tutorial has been integrated into the ICU nurse orientation.  Great activity! 

Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site: 16 hours
Sheila Crook-Lockwood
8 years ago

Quality of content: content is very accurate. The ABG Online Learning Activity used appropriate language and examples to explain arterial blood gases. Understanding ABG's can be difficult for many nursing students, this activity makes a difficult topic more easily understood. This activity can reinforce and review in class content but should not be used as a sole teaching device. This activity is appropriate for the junior/senior level nursing student. 

The activity is set up on individual slides similar to a Power Point presentation. The slides are easy to read and "click" through. Basic ABG information is presented in the first half of the activity with case studies presented in the last half. The case studies are useful as in class review material. The instructor can pull up the case studies, allow the students time to read the study, and then ask the students the associated quiz questions. 

This activity is well-designed to use in the all online classroom as well. This activity will be easy to use by all instructors/students who are familiar with "Power Point" formats. 

Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site: 45 minutes
JoAnne Raatz
JoAnne Raatz (Faculty)
10 years ago

This is great!  Excellent case studies, simple explanations for a subject that can be so difficult for nursing students.  Thank you!

Crystal Lane-Tillerson
10 years ago

The author provides good step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow. Also, provides many case studies to apply and practice the information provided. 

Barbra Bied Sperling
Barbra Bied Sperling (Administrator)
14 years ago
I visited your ABG site on one occasion and found it very infomative and helpful (ABG Online Learning Activity). I am now unable to find it! I have gone to the maag site and only find advertising and am not able to access it. Is there a way to find it again?
Alessandra Renteria-Turley
13 years ago
I highly recommend this tutorial for nursing students. It gave me a chance to practice what I've learned, and to pick up some new information. Thank you.
Barbara Metcalf
Barbara Metcalf (Clinical Nurse Educator)
14 years ago
A good basic site for someone who wants to test her/his understanding of ABG's. The content is dry to read, but the case studies offer an excellent opportunity to test oneself with instant feedback.

Technical Remarks:

I felt it could have been more interactive for the 'learning' part. The case studies are nicely interactive, but the content is basically presented in a read only fashion.
Time spent reviewing site: ~ 15 minutes
Christine Greenwald
14 years ago
Excellent tutorial on blood gas interpretations. Would be useful as a review for yearly competencies also.
Sara Robinson
Sara Robinson (Student)
17 years ago
I spent about 1 hour completing this tutorial. I found it to be extremely
helpful. Arterial blood gas interpretation can be a little tricky and I have
always had to think about these situations for a while to understand them. This
tutorial provided a step by step guide to interpreting arterial blood gases. I
am really impressed. I feel much more proficient after doing all of the case
studies. The content is of very high quality. The concepts are represented
accurately and completely. This is an excellent guide for a nursing student
trying to understand and apply these concepts. This tutorial is an effective,
interactive and fun learning tool.
Used in course? Yes