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Searchable source of thematically-based ESL lessons in grammar, speaking, vocabulary, pronunciation, and reading. Patterned on a flowchart model, the site offers three levels of activities for elementary through intermediate learners. Pages include dialogue exercises, picture-based activities, resource sections and links.


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Sara Zhang
Sara Zhang (Student)
6 years ago

This is a very useful website!

Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site: 3 hours
Carolina Trajtemberg
12 years ago
Great source! Thanks!
Used in course? Yes
William Brown
William Brown (Staff)
13 years ago
Many useful materials, and a reasonable organizational scheme. I especially liked the "Teach with Pictures" section for intermediate ESL.

Technical Remarks:

PDF files take longer to load. Some PDFs are in landscape orientation, so on screen, you have to turn your head sideways.
Time spent reviewing site: 15 min
Dr. Troy Tenhet
Dr. Troy Tenhet (Faculty)
14 years ago
I like this idea. I'm not a big fan of all of the ads.
raquel rios
raquel rios (Administrator)
14 years ago
Great source for reference

Technical Remarks:

The quizes are great, I like the way it was desing, were we pick a answer and we get the right or wrong resoults in seconds
Used in course? Yes
moore (Student)
19 years ago
I found the site very informative and broad in its content. I liked the categorization of info to beginning, intermediate and fast. I appreciated the categorization, i.e. jobs and study, shopping, etc.

Technical Remarks:

From my computer, at least, browsing was hampered by having to make several attempts to get to a certain segment.
Used in course? Yes
Elena Alexeyeva
Elena Alexeyeva (Student)
19 years ago
Guidance, recommendations, professional advice - these are some of those many
good things that may be found in ESL FLOW. It's a great chance of sharing your
teaching experience and getting new ideas for your for your own class. I see a
big advantage of this website in giving an opportunity for the teachers to
access a big variety of ESL materials. I'm planning to work with ESL Flow. It
might be a good resource in making my classes more interesting.
Thanks. Elena Alexeyeva.
Used in course? Yes
Amanda Kitchens
Amanda Kitchens (Student)
19 years ago
What a great resource for students and teachers of ESL/EFL alike. I browsed ESL
Flow for about an hour looking mainly in the teaching pronunciation area.
Subsequently I have gathered helpful lesson plans that I will definitely use in
the future.
The content of this site was remarkable with lessons and materials that are
relevant and easily understood and administered. I will be back for more!
Chia-Hui Li
Chia-Hui Li (Student)
20 years ago
Here is the URL that I found through

It is a "speaking" lesson plan for "adults."
The proficiency level of this lesson plan is "intermediate."
The "terminal objective" is for Students to be able to generate authentic language in meaningful situations.
The "short objectives" are for students to be able to ask questions for clarification,
and be able to summarize and explain stories produced by other class members.

The advantages of this lesson:
The teaching procedure is very clear, and also includes the minutes of each item.
The compose type is very clean and easy for readers to read.
It is good that the description of the teaching content provides a lot of details.
For instance, instead of asking students to speak freely, the teacher perpares many pictures for students as speaking topic examples.
To pair up students not only provides everyone has the chance to speak and but also summarize and explain their partners' stories.
Besides, it mentions that students have to use the wh-questions at the beginning or at the end of the activity. It is good that the instruction tells us the students just studied this in grammar class yesterday. So, we don't have to worry if the students don't know how to use wh-questions.
Moreover, we can tell that the teacher walks around to check each group and provides students assistance.
At last, I like the part, self evaluation. It is vivid that I can feel the teacher, Susan Sheppard, evaluates herself after she does the lesson plan. She also gives herself suggeations to improve this lesson in the future.

The disadvantages of this lesson:
Owing to there are many student groups in the class, it is impossible for the teacher to check the conversation contents all the time. As a result, the students may have grammar errors or usage mistakes that the teacher can not correct them immediately.
Chang-Ching Chen
Chang-Ching Chen (Student)
20 years ago
Hi, there:

The following is my evaluation of Titanic Lesson Plan.

1.To employ asking questions to students as a kind of warm-up can let students
have the blueprint of this lesson.
2.Using the authentic material!Xthe Titanic script!Xcan somewhat promote
students!, interests in learning English.
3.The activity!Xplacing the scenes in chronological order!Xtrains students!, not
only reading comprehension but also organization.
4.By dividing students in teams of two, students can do peer cooperation.
1.The teacher can put the feedback time within the teaching procedure to check
if his or her students like this activity.

Personal Comments on How to Use Titanic Lesson Plan:
I think this reading lesson plan can be used in both ESL and EFL settings.
However, if this reading lesson plan is used in the EFL setting, students!,
level should be probably in intermediate to advanced level.

If you are interested in this Titanic Lesson Plan, you can click here If you want to know more about
where this lesson plan comes from, you can visit ESLflow at

Best Regards.

Chang-Ching Chen
Sachiko Komori
Sachiko Komori (Student)
20 years ago
The lesson plan that I found was for adults students in the high
intermediate-advanced level. The title is Individualism?Eand this is a
speaking lesson plan. This lesson's objective is that students will learn and
demonstrate knowledge of the understanding of American individualism,
specifically four areas: decision making, expressing opinions, competition, and
obligation. The activities in this lesson involve students very actively. I
found this lesson plan to be very useful and effective especially those who are
planning to go to a college or a graduate school in the United States because
they have to understand American culture, individualism. Also, it is necessary
for students to acquire discussion debate skill to study at a college in the
United States, because it is very different from that in most Asian countries
that students are required not express their opinions but to listen to the
lectures. The context in this lesson gives students opportunity to think about
and compare their cultures with American culture, and I thought the content in
this lesson is not like the exercises or some activities which are designed only
for ESL students, but very intellectual and helps students develop their
critical thinking in English.
The URL of this lesson plan is
Yu-Chun Sun
Yu-Chun Sun (Student)
20 years ago
The above lesson plan is beneficial for the teachers in the following ways:
1.Sources: References and resources can be found from the book list in the
lesson plan. ESL/EFL teachers do not need to make a lesson but learn how to
share lesson plans and resources with each other.
2.Content: Content-based is used in the lesson. Students learn not only English
but also fashion history, lifestyle which are helpful for the students to get
involved in the American culture.
My personal suggestion of the lesson plan:
1.Time-needed: In order to make the teacher control and the process the activity
well, it will be better to put the time-needed for each activity in the lesson
2.Objectives: The lesson plan mentions that the students are able to infer the
values and lifestyle from historical point of view but the language objectives
that the students are intended to achieve is not very clear. The language
objectives should be specifically pointed out for the teachers. Such as what
kind of language skills are needed in the lesson and which language abilities
will get improved in listening, speaking, reading or writing.
Shirai (null)
20 years ago
Here is my comment on lesson plan which is listed under Elementary/appearances

Lesson plan title ?gTake a look in the mirror. What do you see??h

This lesson is composed with three activities. First, students write description
of themselves followed by a guessing game in a class. Second, the students
have a group work and talk about the characteristics of their group member.
Third, as a wrap up, the class discusses the difference between how they think
about themselves and how others see them. The purpose of this lesson is to
promote students?f speaking and their appreciation of their individuality,
ethnicity, and cultural heritage. In addition, this lesson plan encourages the
teacher to have the students find their positive traits. Therefore, I think
that this lesson gives ESL students great opportunities to share their rich
culture and to promote their self confidence. This lesson plan will smoothly
fit into one day of lesson. However, it is also possible to spend more than two
days by adding extra activities such as asking their parents how do they (ESL
students) changed over years, creating group posters, making a chart according
to their findings, etc.
The other reason I liked this lesson plan is that it promotes all four skills,
speaking, listening, writing, and reading. I believe that learning English
using all skills altogether is especially important in ESL environment. The
students will be required to do so when they go out the classroom. One
suggestion I can make is that self-description format sheet (handout) will be
helpful; the students need to fill in all columns about their physical traits
and nature traits.

T Calhoun
T Calhoun (Faculty)
21 years ago
I spent about 30 minutes previewing this website and have forwarded it to
several professionals in education. This website provides accurate information
which can assist professionals in collaborating for the benefit of the children
from ESL families.
Don Dunham
Don Dunham (Faculty)
21 years ago
ESL Flow, and some of the links to which it took me, represents the greatest
treasure trove of online ESL materials I've seen in my 17 years of ESL teaching.
I spent 25 minutes (this visit) trying various features of the site out. I took
an interactive grammar assessment exam most of my students would find
challenging. I found some excellent "Icebreaking" exercises, and I followed the
links to the BBC World Service and to, where I signed up for
free monthly newsletters in 3 foreign languages.

The quality of the content on this site is rather high; it will most certainly
enhance student learning, up to the Advanced-Intermediate level.

Finally, first-time users and computer novices will find the site easy to use.

Don Dunham (Assistant Professor of English / Broome Community College (New York)