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The Russian Abacus

The Russian Abacus

The abacus is an ancient tool used for counting, with theRussian version being specifically designed for counting rubles and kopeks. The simple design uses a set of framed rods and a series of beads that are moved back and forth across the rods to conduct the count.


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Agnes Febles
Agnes Febles (Student)
18 years ago
The Russian Abacus is diffently a useful tool. I spent time working on the
applet and teaching myself how it is used and its purpose. I tried to figure
out how the counting method was developed and that became obvious once I started
moving the beads from side to side. At the bottom of the Applet their is a
digital gauge that computes the counting for you which helps to determine that
each row of beads represent a distinct counting system. It starts out at the
top at ten million and goes down to the bottom row which represents fractions
starting from 1/4 on up to 1. I spent about 45 minutes surfing through the site
as well as counting with the applet.You just need to be careful not to end up
on a different subject. This happened often. I felt that the site could have
given a bit more history on the Abacus and also given some instuction and
examples on the usage and capabilities for those who may not have the time to
figure it our for themselves. I also believe this could be a great teaching
tool for young children learning to count; it is not only visual it's hands on
as well and that may work better for those students who are visual and learn
better with hands-on type projects.Overall its easy to use, but the site needs
more information on the subject.
Aisha Starks
Aisha Starks (Student)
20 years ago
I was here for a little while. This material looked really detailed but there
was just so much that I got lost. The pictures were nice and surved as a balance
to all of the info. It was easy to use but just a little to much after awhile.
However, looking past that, there is more then enough material to help anyone
find anything that they could need on this topic.