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Online Poetry Classroom

Online Poetry Classroom provides a wealth of content on poems and poetry, emphasizing but not limited to contemporary American poets. It receives an average of 400,000 unique users each month, and it provides online educational resources such as free poetry lesson plans for teachers.


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Dora Espinoza
Dora Espinoza (Student)
3 years ago
This is a very useful collection of poems and background information about their authors. It includes many resources and activities for K-12 teachers. It has visual aids such as pictures and videos. Lesson plans are easy to follow, and they target multiple intelligences such as visual, linguistic and interpersonal. They encourage students’ collaboration through different grouping strategies. It is to be highlighted that it has poetry lessons that ESL/ENL teachers can use to connect their lessons with content areas. This site is very easy to navigate. However, a window asking to subscribe to poem-a-day sometimes pops up, which can be distracting.
Time spent reviewing site: 45 minutes
Stephanie Maher Palenque
8 years ago
This is a wonderful resource for English educators, especially during poetry month (April).
Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site: Multiple days
Shonda Agbor
Shonda Agbor (Student)
9 years ago

While I have not had the opportunity to use this yet, it will certainly be accessed during the upcoming school year. Thank you for providing such a wealth of resources for poetry. Your quality of content, potential effectiveness as a teaching/learning tool, and ease of use will make this a valued resource.

Time spent reviewing site: 5 minutes
Tiffanie Goudy
Tiffanie Goudy (Student)
9 years ago

This will be a great resource for my class. The resources regarding poems to teach or events to hold while teaching about poetry are creative and engaging. This site can be helpful to teachers and/or students in urban, rural, or suburban areas.

Technical Remarks:

The site was easy to navigate. There were no bells or whistles but it is user friendly.

Time spent reviewing site: 30 minutes
Teresita Hunt
Teresita Hunt (Faculty)
11 years ago

The learning materials are absolutely wonderful. I wish I had known about these materials when I was teaching American Literature  at the secondary level. It would have certainly engaged my students in studying poetry. I would recommend that any teacher who teaches American poetry utilize these sources. Excellent!!!

Technical Remarks:

As I clicked on each link, I found no problems whatsoever. There is nothing more disappointing when links do not work. For each link title, there is substantial information that will make learning for both the teacher and students. In addition, these links provide many opportunities for various teaching strategies.

Time spent reviewing site: 20
Shamika Ann Mitchell
11 years ago

For years I have used as supplemental material when teaching literature courses. The site has improved a great deal. The information about the poets is interesting and valuable, but it is not an ideal location for conducting research and locating secondary sources. The essays and interviews are helpful, but if a student is doing literary research, then the library databases are more suitable for getting a compiled list of literary criticiques on a poetry era, a poem or a poet. Instead, this site is a general gateway for learning about some poets. The video and audio components are VERY useful learning tools. What I dislike is that historical poets, and some spoken-word poets or great reknown,  have been overlooked and are not in the directory. Such poets, like Saul Williams or the late Sekou Sundiata, should be included. Also, the historical verses of the Therigatha - the first Buddhist nuns - is an absolute must; Sappho is included, after all. Lastly, the earliest known poet, who happens to be a woman - Enheduanna - is an absolute MUST for any poetry collection.

Technical Remarks:

The site is very cluttered, but the structure facilitates its use. The videos and audio play without difficulty.

Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site: Five years
Kari Horn
Kari Horn (Student)
17 years ago
I reviewed this poetry collection extensively and created a three day lesson
that incorporates the use of this learning tool in an 8th grade English
classroom. This quality of this content is remarkable. Authentic recordings of
classic poems read by their original authors is an extremely valuable tool for
teaching poetry. If used appropriately, this source can help learners gain
insight into the mood and voice of a poet. This source significantly enhances a
teacher's ability to teach poetry, and poetry reading, to a group of learners.
This source was extremely easy to use.

Technical Remarks:

Very easy to navigate. Audio files loaded quickly.
Used in course? Yes