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Easier Fibonacci Puzzles

Easier Fibonacci Puzzles

A collection of puzzles whose answers involve the Fibonacci numbers. The puzzles are of two types: easier and harder; the goal is to explain WHY the puzzles have their respective answers. A link to the page containing the harder puzzles is provided. This site is a sub-page of the larger site, Fibonacci Numbers and the Golden Section.


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james Bucolo
james Bucolo (Student)
12 years ago
A.I actually spent three hours reviewing this material in doing the puzzles that were presented on the project page. What i found interesting about these puzzles was that not only was i vewing this material in a diffrent way. But i found that it helped me as well in understanding the methods behind fibonacci puzzles. As well as what the diffrent fibonacci numbers and i can use this source as a reference for when we go over the fibonacci in helping me with that chapter in answering the homeowrk questions. B.I definitatley feel that this page presents material that is educationaly significant for instance the first puzzle i worked on was that their are three ways to climb three steps. how many ways are there to climb four stairs, five stairs and n stairs. Even though the problem might be wriiten in an elementry way i feel that it makes u think about what are the fibonacci numbers and how to efffectively use them in a story problem. As well as a good introductry problem for a professor to use for students to grasp the idea behind what fibonacci numbers are. C. Its extremely effective in seeing how something as simple as puzzles can be converted in showing diffrent diagrams and unique story problems with the fibonacci numbers hidden inside the puzzles allowing u with the answers at the end of each story problem except u might need to look a little longer at the problems to figure out what the solutions are. D. I dont think first time users would find this site useful beacuse in order to understand the story behind these puzzles u should have somewhat of a undrstnading of what fibonacci numbers or u are going to get frustrated and waste your time.
Time spent reviewing site: three hours