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Pi and the Fibonacci Numbers

Pi and the Fibonacci Numbers

This site provides descriptions of how pi is evaluated, Gregory's series formula, connections between Fibonacci numbers and approximations for pi, and more.  It is a subpage of Fibonacci Numbers and the Golden Section that is listed separately in MERLOT.


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Linda Scarpa
Linda Scarpa (Consultant)
10 years ago

This site was easy to use and very detailed about the topic.

Technical Remarks:

The use of color provided a guide to the site. 

Time spent reviewing site: 30 minutes
Joanna Monaco
Joanna Monaco (Student)
12 years ago
This is a very detailed site with many diagrams/equtions. It shows geometry and fibonacci numbers in everyday use which makes it more exciting. It also gives info on the mathematician who came up with this concept/problem. A problem with the site is that if you are new to math, geometry, or finonacci numbers the language could be over your head.
Time spent reviewing site: 5-10 min