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English Language Listening Lab Online

English Language Listening Lab Online

Online listening ESL lab that offers audio clips of English Speakers from all over the world. There is one new clip for ever day of the year. For beginners there is an Easy Listening section. All audio interviews come with photos, transcripts, interactive questions from the speaker, and built in quizes that are to be done in real time. All audio is free and can be downloaded. Currently there are over 300 interview clips.... Show More


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Becky Bonarek
Becky Bonarek (Faculty)
14 weeks ago
I've been using this resource on and off and for different English levels for years. What's great about it is: - its adaptability. Instructors can really build entire lessons around one video and entire units around a series of videos. - the range of English accents used. The vast majority of speakers are native English speakers, but there is representation from NNSs as well. - the comprehension questions for higher levels. It's very difficult to find authentic (or approaching authentic) listening activities for students at the highest levels. - the navigation. This is more neutral than positive, but it's relatively easy to navigate the site (even for lower level learners), and the tech requirements aren't onerous. I haven't tested the site on a mobile platform, however, so that may change my analysis. Cons: - There are definitely more activities and videos for lower levels. While that's to be expected, the search for a true repository for higher levels continues! - The activities included for self-study are limited. Vast majority are MC quizzes, and while there are a few different methods of assessing comprehension, they're not very common. Overall, I've loved using this resource in the past! It's an effective tool for both classroom and self study.
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Patricia Klapp Puchi
9 years ago

Muy bueno para poder realizar ejercicios on linea, y auditivos.

Zdravko Avdalovic
Zdravko Avdalovic (Student)
15 years ago
These are ready-to-use ELS lesson. There are many excellent lessons to practise different language skills, reading, listening and speaking. Lesson about reporting news with pre-listening or pre--reading activities. After listening activities, fil-in-the gap, for example, students can do discussion, or other speaking excercise. Homework is inclided at the end folowed by answers key.

Technical Remarks:

The lesson are user-friendly.Instructions are clear and easy to folow.
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