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Rice Virtual Lab in Statistics

Rice Virtual Lab in Statistics

Online  statistics open textbook and additional resources to assist students in understanding of statistics. Topics covered include Analysis of Variance, Boxplot, Confidence interval, Contrast among means, Correlated t-test, Correlation, Histogram, Independent groups t-test, Regression, Repeated measures ANOVA, and t-test. The applets in the simulations, demonstrations, an d caste studiesare in the public domain and can therefore be used...

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Diego Jaccottet
Diego Jaccottet (Student)
7 years ago


Mike McCabe
Mike McCabe (Administrator)
9 years ago

Fantastic!!!  I am excited to use the 1970 Draft / Lottery example in the PDF version of the text.  

Time spent reviewing site: 30 mins
norbert boruett
norbert boruett (Health Care Professional)
12 years ago
A power write up that simplifies statistics, particularly to those with a mathematical background. The content is very accurately. The concepts and the principles of statistics are clearly articulated. students were pleased with content

Technical Remarks:

Basic ICT skills
Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site: 15 min
Jennifer Ly
Jennifer Ly (Student)
13 years ago
The information is clear and simply stated. The site is well organized I didn't feel overloaded with info like on the Fibonacci number site. I think the simulation app could be very useful to teachers, and plus the cases presented could be used to enhance class material and are very interesting. Hw. has practice reviews, and visual demonstrations for in class learning enhancement.
Thomas Brown
Thomas Brown (Faculty)
14 years ago
We use this material in our intro stats course and it works great. More specifically we use the confidence interval and the sampling distribution simulations.
Used in course? Yes
Michelle Davis
Michelle Davis (Student)
14 years ago
So i was reading over some of these cases and they seem to work. the ones i read had to do with common sense. i am huge on common sense and if people dont have it, it usually annoys me. so when i was reading these cases and saw that it can be used like this in math, it made me smile(like my case i read) and glad to know im not the only one. i would definatley use this in the classroom because it shows students that there is much more to math then just complicated numbers and formulas.
Keren Meister- Emerich
14 years ago
The Java Applets in the Simulations/Demonstrations area are good. Some students may require background information on using the simulation. Relevancy is not always clear to a novice.
Used in course? Yes
Robert Wright, Ph.D.
15 years ago
As a middle-aged beginning doctoral student, I was 30 years away from my last Stats course. I sometimes have problems visualizing concepts. This site explains many key concepts and provides excellent visuals. Clear & concise.
Used in course? Yes