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The package was created to solve many of the problems which exist with the delivery and use of modern statistical software. Many times statisticians develop procedures in languages such as Splus, SAS, Minitab, etc.., which are very specific to statisticians. Students and other potential users may not have access to these languages, and therefore may not be able to use the procedures. By using Java and the World Wide Web, StatCrunch should reach...

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Humberto Munoz Barona
3 years ago
Statcrunch is a very convenient package for Online education in introductory statistics courses. It has excellent examples and it is very easy to use.
Time spent reviewing site: 1 hour
Aaakirfa Ahmaoud
Aaakirfa Ahmaoud (Librarian)
7 years ago
Statcrunch is an excellent ressource. Use to data analyse and it seems perfect with my students.
Robert Lockwood
Robert Lockwood (Faculty)
10 years ago

Not only is this software an excellent stand-alone package; integrating it into textbooks and MyStatLab is a very powerful teaching tool. It has numerous pedagogical applications in addition to statistical analyses. The ability for students to open a data set from a homework or assignment directly into StatCrunch solves a major problem in simply getting the data ready for analysis.

Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site: 1 hour
Megan Mocko
Megan Mocko (Faculty)
10 years ago

I really like using StatCrunch in my online Statistics course. Students can use the applications anywhere they are and on any platform. The students really became engaged in the material when they were able to create their own survey, collect their own data, and make their own decisions based on the analysis. I highly recommend using the survey building option within StatCrunch.

Used in course? Yes
Vanessa Wright
Vanessa Wright (Content Developer/Instructional Designer)
11 years ago

StatCrunch seems as if it would be a great resource for students who want to do statistics on their research.  However, the software is only available to those who have a Pearson Education Account. 

Technical Remarks:

I do have a Pearson Education account and tried to sign up for access.  Unfortunately, I am not currently teaching a Statistics course.  Therefore, I was unable to actually try out the software given there was no textbook information.

Camille Fairbourn
Camille Fairbourn (Faculty)
13 years ago
I love StatCrunch and have used it for years. My Statistical Methods online class used it for the past two semesters to make graphs of all types and do regression analysis. They were all able to make, copy, and use the output from StatCrunch. It is very easy to learn and use and well worth the subscription price. I also use StatCrunch for my own statistical analysis and to make graphics for teaching at all levels of Statistics.

Technical Remarks:

Easy to use, versatile, accurate. The online storage space for data sets is generous and the new abilities to share data sets and reports with other users is a great feature.
Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site: More than 4 years.
Connye Paris
Connye Paris (Student)
20 years ago
WebStat is a great statistical computing site for comparitive data analysis with
various language based capabilities. I was able to view a demo on existing
gathered sample data, read thru procedural instructions on how to generate and
display statistical results using plots, graphs, charts, and table information
to show your data effectively.

Technical Remarks:

Even though I found the site to be navigationally easier than most, please
ignore my earlier 9/29 posted comment of "testing 1, 2, 3 ..." I wanted to make
sure today I was able to post my comments. On 9/28 evening I attempted two times
to post my comments about this site and I was unable to do so. Perhaps due to
technical difficulties ... anyway, I do however believe this site is very user
friendly otherwise, offering additional computer based language program
interfaces and capabilities for www access.
Sergey Belyi
Sergey Belyi (Faculty)
22 years ago
Java based software package that allows user to solve some statistical problems
only using browser only. A good tool for a student who does not have an access
to comercial statistics software packages.

Technical Remarks:

A very friendly interface.