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First  and Second Law of Thermo Visual Calculator

First and Second Law of Thermo Visual Calculator

Thermo_XP computes changes in path and state functions for user-selected ideal gas expansion (and compression) processes. The user selects from the following gas expansion processes: isothermal, isochoric, isobaric, adiabatic, or straight line on a P-V diagram. The user selects minimally-state-determining initial and final conditions for each process and the sink temperature. The application calculates the dependent state variables from the independent state variables of the user's choice. The application then computes work, heat, and changes in internal energy, enthalpy, and entropy. An animated graphic shows a thermally color coded gas in a piston-cylinder system with expansion correlated to a dynamic P-V, T-V, and q-V plot. If the user has selected an impossible process the user is user is prompted to change the sink temperature. The user may also select free expansion, maximum work, or half the maximum work be performed. Maximum work is automatically required for compression processes. Either British or Metric units may be selected as well as monotomic or diatomic gas.


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