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3-D Drawing and Geometry (The Math Forum)

3-D Drawing and Geometry (The Math Forum)

This site relates a Frank Lloyd Wright house to various aspects of three dimensional geometry and uses it to motivate different geometrical drawing techniques. It includes an interactive applet.


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Selena Gutierrez
Selena Gutierrez (Student)
13 years ago
I really enjoyed this site. I read through each of the sections and enjoyed what I had learned. the content was relevant by showing how 3-D drawings are used in architecture. An art student would use this type of material. It was simple to see the connection of math and art.
Ronald Diep
Ronald Diep (Student)
13 years ago
This site was not a very educational or descriptive site. The site will show you the basics of drawing three dimensional objects. Basic marital with brief descriptions are easy to navigate and easy to use. Overall it is a informative site.
Brittany Rediger
Brittany Rediger (Student)
13 years ago
This website is uncluttered and straightforward. I like that it breaks down the standard geometry needed to execute 3-D drawings. Creating a drawing that looks convincing can be difficult and this site provides the most basic tools for teaching beginners how to visualize a structure in the simplest forms. I would like if the website visually applied the geometry to structure other then buildings.
Time spent reviewing site: 10 minutes
Ian Sivertstol
Ian Sivertstol (Student)
20 years ago
The site was was fairly basic so it only took about half an hour to explore it
as a whole. In my opinion, even though I found the material to be pretty basic
it is still a very good educational resource for those who haven't dealt with
geometry or drawing concepts. As far as enhancing the effectiveness of faculty
teaching or student learning, it really depends on the level of education. I
believe that it is a very good resource for elementary, junior high, and maybe
high school students. However, I feel it is too basic to make a strong impact on
college level learning.

Technical Remarks:

This website is very user friendly. As long as
one knows how to follow links and read, they should be fine.
Used in course? Yes
Christian Sivertstol
20 years ago
I spent only half an hour on this site because the concept is very basic and its
exploration was very sterile. The description I read was unfortunately very
misleading. I suppose if you are not extremely well educated in the material
shown on this page you may find it useful as a basic first step toward the
process of drawing a three dimensional object. I think the potential educational
value would be useful up to elementary level geometry. I found this site to be
very easy to use and understand.
Used in course? Yes
Jones (Student)
20 years ago
Out of the different web sites that I checked out during my time spent on this
Melot site, I enjoyed this topic far more than the other two subjects. I found
this very effective and the most interesting. I rate this site with a high
quality content because it covers all the details to this subject. I believe by
getting people interested in math through other looks to the subject is very
smart. Also it's very specific and clear which makes it easier to follow. I
really recommened this website if your interested in seeing how math can be used
and implied in the world and our lives.