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A huge list of resources in various topics of mathematics and math education.


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Mohammed Kaabar
Mohammed Kaabar (Faculty)
7 years ago

The Math Forum is one the best websites in mathematics. This website offers several topics in mathematics and mathematics education. In addition, it has many resources such as publications. educational materials, and internet-based resources. For each mathematics topic, this website offers sub-topics, and this gives user an option to select the topic of interest. Finally, this website is highly recommended for students, researchers, instructors, and other people interested in leaning mathematical sciences.

Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site: I spent 30 minutes reviewing this site.
Rose Marie Nario
Rose Marie Nario (Student)
13 years ago
Looking at this link, I felt overwhelmed the first time, as I continue browsing I realized that this is a helpful link for math students. It gives valuable and tons of information.They offer interactive tools for better comprehension and for learning Math more enjoyable
Time spent reviewing site: spent 45 minutes on this site
Robert Coffron
Robert Coffron (Student)
13 years ago
I spent about a half an hour reviewing this forum and found it pretty comphrehensive. They have all kinds of interactive programs to tackle a variety of math, and your personal math problems. I feel very strongly that the content is accurate and wide ranging in it's ability to help educate a student or someone who wants to sharpen their math skills. I do think that used appropriately the math forum page is an excellent interactive tool that will both help students and help faculty alike. One reason I feel this way is with peer review and all the resources this site brings to bare it is truly a great source of information to help students. Ease of use, I'm not the most technical person around, but I thought it was pretty easy to manuever in and around this page to get the information you need.
Used in course? Yes
Roslyn Hoover
Roslyn Hoover (Student)
13 years ago
I first browsed through the site getting a understanding of the organization of the site. It has so much information but it is all easy to get to and you can even search for topics you are looking for. I than narrowed my search to educational materials. The content of this link was very interesting. They had games, audio, visuals, puzzles and more. The content was presented in a way where I could either play or I could look up serious topics through other links, but either way I was learning something. I really liked how diverse this website was, you can find so much information it applies to a vast amount of students ranging from elementary to college levels. This website was very easy to use and for first time users it will be very fun and informative.
Reina Batto
Reina Batto (Student)
13 years ago
The Math Forum-Internet Mathematics Library is very helpful to people like me, who is not very fond of Math.It offers resources from basic Math to higher levels of Math. It has an interactive games, puzzles, and quizzes. Lots of fun. It's a good way to review Math.
Time spent reviewing site: I spent about 30 minutes browsing
Julia Eckhardt
Julia Eckhardt (Student)
14 years ago
a)I probably spent almost an hour reviewing this site. It's a massive website with an overwhelming amount of links, but I mean that in a good way. I reviewed many, many topics, ranging widely across the board from our ex-President Clinton's initiatives on math education to the religious applications of math (like Islamic star patterns) to sites about very basic math. Some websites had things I could try out or follow along with and others were purely informational or maybe didn't actually concern applications of mathematics, instead being about understanding of topics surround math, like politics and educational funding. b) This website is sort of an imitation of what MERLOT itself is, which is a collection of links that can all be used for different types of learning and teaching. As a result, though all were valuable, not all are equally great. Therefore, the educational value of the site as a whole is tremendous, however individual sites would have to be judged alone. And like anything else, some seemed to have more effort put in to them than others. c) I think that as a teaching tool, it would be useful for Math G students especially who spend a lot of time understanding what a wide variety of topics are mathematics. The site gives a sense of having a bird's eye view of the field of mathematics, as broad and immense as it is, with all it's different topics offered and varieties of disciplines. Additionally, it's also beneficial for both students and teachers to be able to have one place where so many resources are available. d) The very front page of the site was organized well, but not great. What does make it good though is how different search options are utilized, as things can be browsed either by topic, type of resource or level. Most websites I saw were very easy to use or follow.
Liana Hoover
Liana Hoover (Student)
14 years ago
This websites title really says it all about what you will find on here. The Internet Mathematics Library is an overwhelming amount of knowledge about almost everything in math! I found good and bad things. The bad was that with every link I'd click, there would be 10 or more more options on the subject. I could see that someone might find this annoying, because they may have trouble finding their answers or also, someone could find this helpful. There is obviously a vast amount of information here. A teacher could use this site for the fantastic resources like the puzzles and games in a classroom. But also a student could independently navigate through and do research on any type of mathematical subject. The quality of what I looked at was helpful. I browsed through lessons and lecture notes and also some puzzles. The explanations of simple algebra to even statistics were clear and easy to read. This was a helpful site.

Technical Remarks:

Harder to navigate than usual, maybe because of the vast amount of links.
Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site: about an hour.
Dawn Minami
Dawn Minami (Student)
19 years ago
I found this site to be very good. I spent 30 min. reviewing the many topics
and evenually found myself focusing on the Chaos, Fractals and non-linear
dynamincs sections. I liked the section on "chaos in the classroom" with its
discussion on teaching "the new math" to students. I will most likely use it as
a resource to write a final research paper. However, I think this site is very
comprehensive and could be used as resource for any math topic. It was easy to
use, but I did find several links that were unavailable.
Used in course? Yes
Xylene Dagun
Xylene Dagun (Student)
20 years ago
This website is so great. I must've went through almost all subjects it has. It
contains all topics that I never knew could relate to Math. I had to make a
speech for my Math class a couple weeks ago inregarding a topic that has to do
with Math. And It would've been so easy to pick one if I knew that this website
exist. The Math Forum seem to have all the materials anyone would need to relate
math in everything. It explains and makes you understand the topics that you
struggle to comprehend....and also provides links to other math sites which
could also be very helpful. Definitely a website that is recommendable to not
just anyone that loves math but also that wants to learn more.
Used in course? Yes
Lisa Szot
Lisa Szot (Student)
20 years ago
I spent about 20 to 25 minutes browsing and using the site. I found many
different materials that would be very useful for students to use inside and
outside of a classroom. I feel that this site offers many different types of
activities that students would really respond to. There are activities that can
help the students to review different topics. There are also activities that
will enable the students to extend their learning. I was impressed by all of the
different activities and topics that the site covered. I feel that there are
many different uses for this site to help make the material more interesting for
students. There are also many ideas for teachers that can help them to convey
different topics. I feel that the site is very easy to use. There are many
different ways to search for material so that you are not spending alot of time
weeding through information that you do not need.

Technical Remarks:

I found the problem of the week section to be very interesting. I think that
this is a great place for students to go to challenge themselves. They will
also be able to work with other students and contribute their thoughts.
Dianna Pallack
Dianna Pallack (Student)
21 years ago
As soon as you go to this site you get an overwelming feeling of the possible
math related problem people of all ages could need help on. I spent some time
looking in various places like Geometry , Number Theory, Pre-Calculus and also I
went to the Education Levels and under Elementary, since i plan to be an
Elementry School teacher I thought i should look at this site. I found puzzels, quizs,
history lessons and interactive games for children. and it seemed like a fun
place to visit and that made a difference on whether or not if i would ever send
my future students to this site. I would recomened this site to those who have
problems with math and want to do better or those who enjoy math and want to
spent some time exploring something they like.
xye dagun
xye dagun (Student)
21 years ago
Being a person who finds math difficult,this software is exceedingly helpful. I
browsed and try it in an expand of one hour. I consider all the materials given
or presented in this software very effective and helpful in general. Math forum
definitely could enhanced student's learning and faculty's teaching because of
adequate materials in variety of math subjects. I don't see any reason why first
timers would find the software perplexing. I think that this software is
uncomplicated and yet so effectual. Very much recommendable.
mackenzie hamilton
mackenzie hamilton (Student)
21 years ago
The Math Forum site is an extremely intuitive site for a variety of mathematical
and scientific disciplines. I browsed for approximately 35 minutes, although I
realized I could have spent hours upon hours observing all of the fascinating
levels of information. The quality of the site was great, whether a beginning
Algebra student,teacher,or a graduate student in the area of Physics, there were
dependable, clean , and well-written links available to everyone. I believe it
was evident in my observation of how many hours one may have to critique all
disciplines effectively, that it has enormous potential to be a brilliant
teaching and learning tool, especially because of the crediblity of the
sources.I loved it primarily for the ease of use...even in areas of knowledge
that I had never explored, the software guided me effortlessly into each new
link. The only downfall would be that one could become caught up in non-relevant
(to your research)topics, therefore possibly adding time to your inquiries.
Navarro (Student)
21 years ago
I browsed the Math Forum for an hour or so, and I found the site to be very
useful. The site is basically a search engine or "forum" for math. It
categorizes the math by skill levels from elementary to college, which is very
helpful and easy to search. It then breaks down the math into sections, such as
Algebra, Geometry, History of Math, etc. I will definitely use this site later
in the semester for the math class that I am currently taking.

Technical Remarks:

My math skills are limited, so I explored the Algebra section and found it very
detailed and informative. It covers the different types of Algebra such as
Basic, Linear, Modern, etc. The only problem that I found, as with most search
engines, is that you have to sort through some links that may not be helpful,
but are related to your particular search. The good thing is that they do give
you a lot to choose from. Students of all math levels will be able to benefit
from this site and will have no problem utilizing the links that are provided.
Teachers should strongly recommend this site to their students to help them with
any math questions they may have.
Ken Miguel
Ken Miguel (Student)
21 years ago
I spent about 10 minutes looking at all the resources and materials I can obtain
from "The Math Forum-Internet Mathematics Library". If math is not your subject
and you need help, this would be the place to go for basic level math to the
highest math and the most complicated therories of all. Not only is Math Forum a
site for resource, but it is also a place to obtain educational materials and
software to benefit the mind. So long as the person the take the time to be
familiarized with Math Forum, then he or she will definately be a better math
student or staff.