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Famous Curves (Math)

Famous Curves (Math)

Interactive exporation of famous curves in the history of Math


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Adrienne Reed
Adrienne Reed (Student)
13 years ago
Although interesting, I was very intimidated by the advanced curves and formulas associated with the links on this site. Additionally, once I reviewed the site further there were indeed links associated to the history of mathematics and Mathematicians’ Anniversary dates. However, once you clicked on these links that information was linked from the Mac Tutor webpage. I think that the creator could have been a bit more authentic by compiling more of their own information. Perhaps there was a time factor, or the site is still a work in progress. I spent only about twenty minutes on the site, as it was way over my math abilities.
Time spent reviewing site: About twenty minutes. It was way over my head.
shanmugasundaram karuppannagounder
14 years ago
I spent about 30 minutes to understand this exercise. There is a lot of useful information in this website. It is a very informative website which is helpful in answering any Math related questions. The website is visually stimulating as well as mentally. The tools are very helpful in assisting in research and everyday Mathematical problems. I spend 2-3 minutes on all the sections from "Astroid" to "Watch of Agnesi." The material shows the curves accurately and educationally. This website is very effective because it allows us to move buttons and show us all the possible curves with their names. The quality of the website is very high and also it is very easy to use and understand. Even the first time users will find it easy and will learn from it.
Used in course? Yes
Suzanne Butler
Suzanne Butler (Faculty)
14 years ago
these java applets allow the user to explore the way that curves change as each of the coefficients in the equation change.
Asim Pasha
Asim Pasha (Student)
14 years ago
A lot of stimulating information in one spot, it’s been 15 minutes so far and I am still on here in a different window. Again though the information being presented seems a bit overwhelming, it being since I don’t really have a previous experience in it. My buddy is next to me and he’s pretty knowledge in this topic so he’s making this clearer. I read some other comments users left, some where negatively reflecting this site. My suggestion to get some one to assist you because its really interesting material. By the name you already know its focusing on the topic of curves, more over on what curves are, their importance’s and typical uses.
Justin Vincent
Justin Vincent (Student)
14 years ago
This was kind of neat. The website showed a variety of different shapes and the equation of each shape. This could be useful for teachers in showing what each shape actually looks like and the equation used to get that shape.

Technical Remarks:

The only usefulness of this website is showing shapes and their equations. There is a interaction by seeing things like the inverse, the evolute and pedal, but it doesn't show how that was formed. So only good thing really is it shows you the shape and the equation.
danelle demilly
danelle demilly (Student)
16 years ago
The Merlot website is a gold mine for any mathematics subject. The website is
very informative and helpful for any and all questions about math. The website
was very helpful in many projects throughout the course. The Merlot website is
visually stimulating as well as mentally. The site is dedicated to students and
faculty of higher education facilities. The online tools are helpful in
assisting in research and everyday mathematical problems.
Used in course? Yes
Ross macdonald
Ross macdonald (Student)
18 years ago
I spent 15 minutes playing with the curves on this site, it was neat. I didnt
understand what these curves were, though, some ghistory on them woiund have
been very helpfu, since none was supplied. The Java feature was especially
nice, you could see how the lines interact with eachother in the graph. The
only drawback to this site is that I have no idea what these curves are, and
while it does provide a formula to find them, I didnt understand it, there just
isnt enough explaination.
Used in course? Yes
Garrett Pfeiffer
Garrett Pfeiffer (Student)
19 years ago
I only spent a few minutes browsing around just to get a feel.

The curves represented seemed to be mathematically correct.

Student can get a better understanding of graphical mathematics, as appose to

The software was easy to use, understand, and manipulat.

Technical Remarks:

The hyperlinks were all active to my knowledge, but the pages were pretty dull.
Used in course? Yes
Michael Woznicki
Michael Woznicki (Student)
19 years ago
I didn't get this program at all. Everything i did was absoulty wrong. I was
trying to figure out how to work it, but i just couldn't get it. Other then
that I liked the movement of the different shapes. This program was easy to
use, but was difficult to figure out, so i suggest a more indept instructions
for this program.
Used in course? Yes
Adam Varteressian
Adam Varteressian (Student)
19 years ago
I just couldn't grasp the concept. I'm not very good at math and that may be
why I was struggling with the curves. When I thought I was doing it right was
wrong. I had my father take a look to it and he's a math genius so he got it and
actually enjoyed the site. I on the other hand didn't really understand the
site, but if your good at math like my dad you'd really enjoy a site like this.
I spent about an hour all together with being on the site and trying to have my
dad explain it to me. I'd only use this in the class room if you have an
experienced math group.

Technical Remarks:

Well if you have advanced math experience this site is good, but I had hard
Used in course? Yes
Pacheco (Student)
19 years ago
I didn't think I'd ever spend the time I did on this. I poked and peaked for a
few days spending at least 30 minn each time. I found the curves sight to have
good quality and really stimulated my mind to want to understand it. The
interactives were good and helpful. I would find this tool great for classrooms
due to the interactives made it easier to comprehend. First time users may not
get the whole bennefits of it and may want to have someone with more of a
calculus backround to assist them.
Used in course? Yes
Rosemary Concepcion
19 years ago
I jumped from each section to secton from "Astroid" to "Watch of Agnesi." The
material presents models of each curve accurately and educationally. The
formula and inverse of the each curve was also presented. This site will alter
teaching effectiveness because it allows you to move buttons or numbers to alter
parameter, creating new curves. First time users will find this site easy to
understand. A list of different curves are in alphabetical order and after
clicking a certain curve, further directions for altering the parameters are
Used in course? Yes
Kathleen Dietrich
Kathleen Dietrich (Student)
20 years ago
I feel like my brain is mush. I spent 30 minutes at this site going to,
playing with or what ever I was suposst to do to the different curves. Although,
I spent most of the time trying to figure out why this curve thing is so
important. Am I just not a math person or should there be some information on
what curves are, some explanation on why we use them and why they are important.
I feel this Famous Math Curve site was incomplete and should be geared not only
for those who know about curves but those who choose to learn.
rhonda smith
rhonda smith (Student)
20 years ago
I spent approximately thirty minutes trying the activity with the Inverse
Curves and I found it to be very interesting and innovative. I feel the educational goal was correct in presenting it to its' users. A student's learning or a faculty's teaching may be
enhanced from this website, however I feel the student may find the software somewhat
challenging being that a higher form of Mathematics is involved.
Jacqueline Tacorda
Jacqueline Tacorda (Student)
21 years ago
This site is great! I spent two hours trying it. I thought the content of the
materials presented was very helpful for me. The materials were written well for
most people to understand, but knowing a bit of calc. will actually help to
better understand the deeper concept of some materials. In addition, the site is
easy to access, and the interactives were great also.