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All you want to know about each element. a fourbar linkage


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Michele S
Michele S (Student)
9 years ago

A lot of good information, but the text-embedded ads are distracting and could potentially be confusing to high-school students, who may think they are related to the element that they selected.  One ad in particular, looked like a quiz that could be interpreted as a site-related activity.  I also noticed some grammatical errors in the "History of Carbon" section that I attribute to some sort of "find and replace" programming issue.  It said "Carbon was discovered by Known [sic] since ancient times although not recognized [sic] as an element until much later. at no data in not known."  I get what it's trying to say, but it doesn’t make grammatical sense the way that it's structured.  Again, for high school students, this would be confusing.

Time spent reviewing site: ~15 minutes
Vanessa Castleberry
10 years ago

Wow!  I have used this site (prior to MERLOT membership) in class quite a bit...and on my own, as I was developing assignments or exams.  It's handy and reliable.  It's been accurate for every element I have used so far.  The periodic table is really the best "cheat sheet" for any chemistry class.  This one make the information behind the symbols very accessible to students.  The instant access is such a plus, and the depth of knowledge adds to its reliability.  I always caution my students on the use of web based information, and this was and is one site I have recommended to them.

Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site: ~40 hours +
Macarena Rojas Poblete
11 years ago

En esta aplicación, los alumnos pueden revisar las caracteristicas, propiedades, reacciones, etc.,  de todos los elementos de la tabla periodica, realizando solo un click sobre el elemento de interés. Esta aplicación es una muy buena herramienta dentro del aula, de fácil utilizacion, debido a que los alumnos ´pueden interactuar y reconocer de mejor manera los elementos de la tabla periodica y sus caracteristicas.

Used in course? Yes
Albert Russell
Albert Russell (Faculty)
11 years ago

I don't teach G-Chem anymore but this is an excellent tool for any chemist.  I have a student that I am going to recommend this this to that is currently having trouble learing the periodic table.  This really brings it to life.

Technical Remarks:

I think that the page is a bit cluttered, but overall a very nice exercise.

Time spent reviewing site: 10-20 min.
patricia Buchanan
patricia Buchanan (Student)
14 years ago
This is a wonderful site. The site is loaded with great information. There is a lot of interesting facts about the periodic table including pictures and an audio option. The periodic table comes alive and would be a great resource for students to visit. It is also a great resource for teachers to gain valuable information when teaching the parts of the periodic table.

Technical Remarks:

This site is very easy to use. I had no problems maneuvering and clicking on the specific options they provide.
Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site: I spent a fair amount of time browsing this site. I took about an hour looking through the different elements and reading the information about them. It is fun to click on all the elements and find out some history behind them.
Scott Sinex
Scott Sinex (Faculty)
14 years ago
An excellent source of information on the chemical elements. Easy to use with great graphs!!!
Used in course? Yes
Damian Khan
Damian Khan (Faculty)
14 years ago
An interactive periodic table with lots of information available for individual elements. Could be useful as a teaching tool, study aid or reference.