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stAIR for ionic and Covalent compounds

stAIR for ionic and Covalent compounds

This is a Stand Alone Instructional Resource that has students learning how to identify ionic and covalent compounds.


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Kristin Baljet
Kristin Baljet (Teacher (K-12))
10 years ago

Jennifer, you truly did a wonderful job in creating this StAIR. As an English major, I had to pay close attention to what I was doing in order to complete this StAIR, but, as your students will, I managed to succeed!

You utilize many UDL principals within this project. You cater to all types of learners by making sure every slide has text, visual images, and audio. There is something there for every student. Also, your use of arrows and directions make your StAIR easy to follow. An instructional strategy I thought was useful was that you did not feed the students too much information before quizzing them. As a non-science person, I needed to be quizzed right away in order to believe I truly understood what I was doing. Very nice job there.

One note of constructive criticism: I found some of your slides overwhelming because of the amount of text on them. Specifically, the opening 5 or so slides, which were full of text related to the metals. Maybe for a couple of these slides you could require students to listen to the audio, while you include bulleted points on the slide.

Technical Remarks:

Your product works flawlessly in kiosk mode. There are no technical glitches that I have found.

Time spent reviewing site: 40 minutes
Miaomiao Cui
Miaomiao Cui (Faculty)
10 years ago

Generally speaking, this ppt is very good and professional. And also it is interesting and attractive to me, although I don't understand chemistry so clear, but still wants to have this class, since it is fun.

I generalize the good points as below:

1. UDL

   I find Jenni provides multiple means of action and expressions.

   a. provide varied ways to respond

     In the quiz part, if you goes to a correct answer, she will explain further, but if you go to a wrong answer, she will still gives more explanations.

    I also find she uses multiple means of engagement.

    a. increase individual choice and autonomy

      students could goes to the part they want on the homepage, and it saves a lot of trouble to get trapped.


2. Instructional Strategies

I think Jennie uses at least 3 strategies:

    a. differentiate : she differentiate the two kinds of chemical materials in picutres, definitions and quizzes.

    b. identify: she makes the reader to identify each chemical features in words , in multiple chocies and pictures.

    c. deduce: when I read this ppt, I learn how to deduce accroding to her explanations.


Technical Remarks:

This material has an excellent technology.The direction is very clearn and I am guided smoothly to all the ppt without any trouble.

Time spent reviewing site: Around 10 minutes