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StAIR--Miaomiao Cui--Level 1 Chinese Unit Visiting Friends

StAIR--Miaomiao Cui--Level 1 Chinese Unit Visiting Friends

This is a StAIR lesson design to enable my level 1 Chinese learners know the commonly used sentences when they visit a friend's house. This StAIR include DVD, CD and multiple choices and related to real life questions and final feedback.


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Kristin Baljet
Kristin Baljet (Teacher (K-12))
10 years ago

Writing this review is difficult because I have no previous knowledge of the Chinese language. I found this StAIR to be somewhat difficult to follow, as I did not always know what information I was supposed to be taking away from the slide. For example, on the slide “Sentences and Vocabulary” I felt I was supposed to learn the Chinese equivalent of the sentence but there were no Chinese words of pronunciation examples given. Also, the Megaphone on this slide did not work for me.

In following through the rest of the StAIR I could not seem to get to all of the slides you created. I watched this StAIR in kiosk mode, but I kept arriving at the end of the presentation without viewing all of your slides.

I think that you kept UDL principals in mind when creating this project, as you incorporated various techniques to reach all of your learners. I feel your audio could be improved because students would benefit from hearing more of your pronunciation. The applause is uplifting and helps build confidence. The images you use are very nice and help create a sound visual for your students.

Technical Remarks:

As stated above, some of the arrows did not take me to the next or previous slide within this presentation.  Also, I could not find audio on all of the Megaphone options.  If I had not exited and re-entered this project a couple of times, I believe I would have completely missed some of the information.

Time spent reviewing site: 30 minutes
Jennifer Bramble
Jennifer Bramble (Teacher (K-12))
10 years ago

I was able to follow the reasoning behind the stAIR, but it opens as a Powerpoint instead of a running program. I like the topic, how to say useful and common phrases in Chinese. I like the quizzes being multiple choice, they really make you think about the correct answer. I was not able to follow the thought process, though, on the organization of slide. I got to the page with all of the sentences in English on it, and I saw the sound icons. I pressed them, hoping to hear the sentence in Chinese, but all I got was applause and a new slide with the Chinese words on it. I was never able to find out how the words were spoken, how they sounded when said out loud. All I could do is try to sound out the written words ( in English letters) and hope I was saying it right.

This type of stAIR would be a great asset to any language program. To be able to access the prononciation and soind of a language at any time is great. I still remember some of the French I learned in High school because of speaking it over and over again.

Technical Remarks:

Like mentioned above, the sound icons were just applause on the 3rd or 4th slide. The slides did move when the forward button was clicked, though some buttons needed to be clicked in a certain area for them to work. I feel like I missed a lot of information when I went through because the slides jumped ahead without any sounds.

Time spent reviewing site: 20 minutes