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Social Networking Stair

Social Networking Stair

This is a STAND-ALONE INSTRUCTIONAL RESOURCE that can be used to teach high school students about using social netowrking as an educational tool.

Below is the screencast that I recorded of how the lesson would work form a students point of view.

Screencast part 1: ...

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Samantha Forster
Samantha Forster (Teacher (K-12))
11 years ago

I was a little confused as well, this being the lesson plan and not the actual Stair Design.  I like the idea of centering a lesson on social networking.  I think this is a good way to get students to buy into the relevancy of the content.  However, are the students only researching blogs and then comparing the information to the facts that are presented in class?  If so, it would be beneficial for time to be spent on deciding the credibility of information presented on blogs.  Many blogs are opinion based and therefore bias and maybe false information.

I think both a combination of factual/credible research in comparision with the information they find on the blogs would be a great addition.  Overall, good idea!

Shannon Forsberg
Shannon Forsberg (Teacher (K-12))
11 years ago

This stAIR design plan sounds very interesting. I believe that using it for Genetics will show students the social networking can be used in another way other than socialization. Like I commented in the lesson plan, I would be aware of being sure that students are actually using it for educational purposes.

I have worked with Moodle before and I think it is a great program to create a lesson in. It allows for visuals, audio, video and is presented in an easy to use format which helps students of all learning disabilities. I would really like to see this design plan in action!

Technical Remarks:

No stAIR available

Time spent reviewing site: 5min
Pam Pilant
Pam Pilant (Teacher (K-12))
11 years ago

This is a design for the StAIR and not the StAIR itself so I will just comment on the design and the idea behind it.  First of all let me say that I think a lesson on Social Networking is very good topic to create a presentation on.  Students should find it interesting to be on a new network and it will be very applicable to their future since I think most jobs will require some sort of online networking/collaboration. 

I would be interested to see how students would compare factual research with blog posts.  I know that many of my students have some misconceptions about genetics and I think that others out there would too.  I am not too familar with Moodle but I know you can add sound, voice recordings, quizzes etc. so I think this could be a fabulous interactive lesson.  I hope you post the link to your Moodle lesson so we can all see it!