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Appropriate eMail Addresses and email Etiquette

Appropriate eMail Addresses and email Etiquette

This lesson plan will instruct students on creating an appropriate email address and the rules of email etiquette.  Students will create and use their new email address to demonstrate their skill and knowledge.


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Rebecca Anderson
Rebecca Anderson (Student)
11 years ago

This is a solid lesson.  Though I do feel that most HS students do already have an email of some sort.  But, I have run into students this year that do not.  This could be used as a way for students to set up thier own strictly school/professional email address and keep their personal one, personal.

Samantha Forster
Samantha Forster (Teacher (K-12))
11 years ago

This is a good introduction to the basic email setup process.  However, most high school students have been using email already and the introduction may be redundant and not provide any new information to them.  The comparison of email providers and group discussion was good.  You might want to ask them to discuss the pros vs. cons. of the various providers.

Also, good thinking having them right you an email about what they learned.  Email formatting for various purposes is a problem amoung students.  They view email as texting and try to be as brief as possible.  This can be a problem with certain types of communication and I would suggest giving them various formats of emails they must submit.

Shannon Forsberg
Shannon Forsberg (Teacher (K-12))
11 years ago

I think that this lesson plan is a great idea to introduce proper email etiquette to students. However I think that the age range (9-12) grade may be too late to have this lesson plan. I would modify the intended age to middle school or younger. I think that High School students already have an email address that they use regularly, and might not take this lesson as seriously. I think it is a great idea though to teach students how to be responsible internet users now and in the future.

I like how it uses inductive and deductive reasoning with the students by showing them proper email addresses, and then showing them examples of inappropriate addresses and then having students share and reflect on what they have decided on as an appropriate email.

One way I would modify this lesson plan would be to incorporate assistive technology for students who are at different skill levels. Also voice to text availability would be a good addition as well.

Using a Google Doc may be a problem for some students who have never worked with this application before. I would be sure to have students work with Google Docs prior to this lesson, so they understand how to contribute to the document.

I also would possibly have students investigate on their own time parents or other adults email addresses so they can share what they find with class members. This way they will be thinking about the lesson prior to actually participating before class.

Also having students have to write professional email from their new address related to the content they are learning in class might be a good way for students to actually practice their skills in the real world. For example, if you are teaching students about being professional, maybe they could inquire about a school or university they are interested in. Or in a Social Studies class, students could email a state representative or congress member.

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