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Solve for x, A Common Sense Approach

Solve for x, A Common Sense Approach

A thoughtful way to solve for x in many situations.  Given an equation (with invertable operations being done on a single x) with a known y it is possible to solve for x in a meaningful way.


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Kelly Taunt
Kelly Taunt (Teacher (K-12))
11 years ago

I think the quality of content is good.  Its a hard concept for many high schoolers to understand.  Thinking about it reverse is an interesting and different way to come at this type of problem.  As someone who considers themselves good wtih Math, I would tend to want to skip ahead and pick answers to just "get done" with it, since the program allowed me to do that.   If its used as an introductory activity and I had no prior knowledge , I would find this extremely confusing...not enough visuals for me as someone who learns that way.   I was getting lost in all the words, with no way to remember what problem I was on( unless you are requiring them to write it down as a grade).

It was very easy to use, with no major technical difficulties. There was one problem that talked about solving for "y" but I never saw a "y" in the question.  I think it was the one that said -9x+5=53.  Assuming this was new material to me, I would have been very frustrated.

I think graphics would have added to the presentation and understanding for all learners.

Time spent reviewing site: 40 minutes
David Crewes
David Crewes (Student)
11 years ago

What can I say.  Old dog, new tricks.  I found this method very interesting but hard to grasp.  I think I played it about 4 times and still had some difficulties.  It is hard to unlearn the traditional method of problem solving that I have used for the last 30 years.  Is this something new that you came up with, or is this a varient of how they teach solving for x nowadays?  If this is something you came up with, this is sweet.  Different ways to solve the same problems is the best way to reach as many of the learners as possible.  Hats off, and I'll raise you a star for inginuity.  However, I think you might want to take it slow, and use baby steps.  I started to twitch on the last problem.  If this is one of the newer ways to teach this topic, well, I suppose I should just sit back down and try not to hurt myself. That being said, It is a well thought out and well put together lesson,I just all that confident with the topics and tactics in a couple of places.

The only other thing that I might suggest is to put a little flavor into it.  This is just my opinion, but I like to offer the viewer a bit of fun when navigating.  Throw some clip art in, some sound files, maybe something on the visually silly side to lighten things up.  I did like the whole regurgitation thing.  That will wake them up. 

Technical Remarks:

No real technical issues.  There were a couple slides that I wanted to go back on, but the buttons were not available.  It was during the question and answer section where we were suppossed to write the equation down.  I thought I had the right answer, I answered wrong and I wanted to see the equation again.  Then at the end there was no end button.  The show just looped around to the beginning and started again.

Time spent reviewing site: 60 minutes