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Building Vocabulary

Building Vocabulary

The learning objectives address the need for building vocabulary in order to communicate effectively through written communication using more descriptive vocabulary.This lesson requires student to take previous writing samples and asks them to make it more descriptive.


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Brenda Essig
Brenda Essig (Faculty)
11 years ago

Building vocabulary generates many benefits.  It directs students' toward a greater understanding of their reading skills, while building self-confidence.  Furthermore, the best way to develop and improve upon vocabulaty is to have a thesaurus in hand. This material provdes that environment and consists of objectives and the importance of education.

Joe Matulis
Joe Matulis (Teacher (K-12))
12 years ago

I like the idea of teaching students about using a Thesaurus and how they can find one online. I like to you the thesaurus built into word and right click on a word to find its synonym. I like how you are allowing students to use their own writing. I bet every student feel more confident about their lexicon at the end of this lesson. I also like the idea of giving the students a list of over used words so they know what they should be looking for. Once students find overused words, they have already made a list of words they can use to replace them with.

Time spent reviewing site: 10
Liat Rothfeld
Liat Rothfeld (Teacher (K-12))
12 years ago

Hi Michelle,

Thanks for sharing this lesson plan. I see it being very effective in the classroom. To begin with, you help students make connections with how they will apply the skills learned for purposes beyond school. By using a web-based thesaurus, students are introduced to a resource they can use at any place and any time, not just in class. Rather than simply teach students how to compose a piece of writing which includes descriptive vocabulary, you use the lesson to help students go back and revise a piece they have already composed. This reinforces for students that writing isn’t just something a person does and is “finished” – that there is always room for improvement, and that it’s worth it to go back and look for ways to make a piece of writing more effective.


Time spent reviewing site: 10 minutes