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Elementary P.E. DDR

Elementary P.E. DDR

Lesson plan for using DDR in P.E. class to learn about how to find rhythmic beats within songs


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Liat Rothfeld
Liat Rothfeld (Teacher (K-12))
11 years ago

Hi Joe,

Several skills related to recognizing and responding to beats and tempos are reinforced in this lesson, in a way that is engaging. It is relevant to students’ interests to use a video game like DDR to teach and assess their knowledge and skills. I like how aspects of the music are reinforced in several ways. Students see, hear, and physically act on what they see and hear. The immediate feedback they get is helpful, too. Students can progress based on their individual skills and level of mastery, rather than have to stick with the rest of the class. Those who need more scaffolding can probably also start on an easier level than the rest of the class. My only concern is what might happen with students who don’t do very well, and/or are anxious that the whole class is watching them. On the one hand, it could be very motivating to some students to have classmates watch and cheer them on. I’m wondering, though, if this might have a negative impact on a handful of students.


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Michelle Fairley
Michelle Fairley (Teacher (K-12))
11 years ago

This activity incorporates a program that is at a high interest level for most students and allows for gross motor movement. It does allow for all students to get involved and an opportunity for instant feedback from the PlayStation. I like how it incorporates cross curricular activities my mixing physical education with music and beats. The one concern that I have would be the possible embarrassment for the students who are uncoordinated. Is it required that the students interact with the dance mat where every other student can see?