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Google Docs Paper Editing

Google Docs Paper Editing

The Google Docs Paper Editing lesson was designed to encourage students to begin using online collaboration tools during the writing process. To implement this plan, students should have composed a draft, understand the essential components of academic writing, and how to use post and share documents on Google Docs. The target audience for this lesson is upper level high school students, but the content can be modified to fit all paper writing...

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Andrell Williams
Andrell Williams (Teacher (K-12))
12 years ago

Great Job!  I see that you used google docs.  I think this was a wonderful lesson.  I believe that this was well thought out and planned.  I think this is something that all teachers need to do with their students, i think that the students think we are to hard on them when were grading but if their peers or classmates grade it and its the same result maybe they will try harder next time

Stacy Geiger
Stacy Geiger (Teacher (K-12))
12 years ago

I loved this lesson plan! It was very easy for me to follow what you expect the students to do, the resources they will need to use, and the time frame you expect them to do this in. I have never thought of using Google Docs to do peer edits before. Do all of your students have a Google account? With the form to fill out already on the Google Docs page, this will help all learners have a concrete guide to complete the lesson. A question I do have though is about how many peer edits will be done per paper? Because each student does two would each student then get two reviews to reflect on? Again, I loved this plan. It provides a meaningful editing experience and will certainly meet the goal of allowing students to use critical feedback effectively. Well done. Time spent reviewing 10 minutes

Time spent reviewing site: 10 minutes
Alison Watt
Alison Watt (Student)
12 years ago

This is a well thought out and written lesson plan. I would if I were a teacher utilize this lesson in my classroom.

Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site: 5 minutes