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Discrete Math Resources

Discrete Math Resources

This site consists of examples, exercises, games, and other learning activities associated with the textbook, Discrete Mathematics: Mathematical Reasoning and Proof with Puzzles, Patterns and Games by Doug Ensley and Winston Crawley. Requires Adobe Flash player.


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Denise Landry-Hyde
Denise Landry-Hyde (Librarian)
7 years ago
I find the Venn diagrams very useful (Boolean algebra). The exercises test students' knowledge, and they get immediate feedback. They can re-try until they get the correct answer. Flash cannot be used for universal access, though.
Time spent reviewing site: about 15 minutes
Geraldo Araya Vascope
Geraldo Araya Vascope (Consultant)
10 years ago

La página ofrece conceptos y ejercicios muy relevantes para asignaturas que consideren aspectos de Matemática Discretas. A través de juegos y ejercicios de reciocinio simples los alumnos pueden generar métodos de aprendizajes de las formas de resolver y experimentar metodologías de resolución de ellos.

Si bien es cierto este tipo de aproximaciones a esta disciplina es comúnmente aplicada en Carreras de Informática y otras ingenierías, creo que serí muy interesante introducir algunas de estas actividades en cursos iniciales de matemáticas, incluso ANTES de iniciar el estudio formal de las materias.

Technical Remarks:

No requiere prerrequisitos muy largos de asimilar y las bases aximáticas y teóricas son fáciles de entender, incluso sus demostraciones.

Mary Martin
Mary Martin (Faculty)
10 years ago

Very helpful for generating examples on the fly....students like to think that having a web site makes it more up-to-date.  It gives a psychological advantage and gives the students access to more material.

Technical Remarks:

Nicely done; responds in a reasonable time.  Good general selection of problems.  Not enough to replace a text, but fun for in class.

Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site: 20
Beth Hoffman
Beth Hoffman (Faculty)
12 years ago
There are many math puzzles and exercises here that can increase student comprehension of subjects taught in-class. The interface is not great - there was no correct answer given when I got something wrong, nor was there an easy way to return to a prior page.
Joseph Batto
Joseph Batto (Student)
12 years ago
This website has graphs, patterns, number puzzles, and games, which help enhance my thinking. It was too challenging for me, but I gave my best effort. T
Time spent reviewing site: I spent 30 minutes.
Alison Benke
Alison Benke (Student)
13 years ago
This site was all about games and puzzles relating to math. For example, there is a problem." Another problem was called "draw this" this was really fun. The computer software shows you a picture of a house with 5 points and asks you to draw it without lifting your pencil. The software actually allows you to do it on the computer. I tried about 5 times and didn't get correct, but I had alot of fun. The names of the puzzles reminded me of when I was little and played board games, names like chutes and latters, it was a way to show the average number of times it takes to play a game.

Technical Remarks:

The site was easy to use and gave coutless puzzles, patterns and games. It wa set up like a table of contents or a chapter by chapter lay out. I think this site is an excellent way to get students excited about math because it makes it look fun and approachable. It makes math look like a game instead of a hard subject. It is also easy to follow. Teachers would find this site useful as well because it has some great examples on how to make math more fun and interactive.
Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site: I spent about 30 minutes on this site. To be honest I spent alot of time on the "draw this" part because I really wanted to figure ouit how to draw the house without lifting my pencil from the page. Maybe there wasn't a solution and that was the right answer.