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Teaching lessons for high school science teachers

Teaching lessons for high school science teachers

This is a website from an experienced high school science teacher that gives good examples of powerpoint teaching lessons and other resources for new teachers.


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Biwedeou Magnan
Biwedeou Magnan (Student)
10 years ago

This website has tremendous ampunt of ressources that is intended to help science teachers in their lesson planning and execussions. it is primerely target teacher and particularly new teacher by giving them advice on how plan science lessons. As a Biology teacher, this website will help me in integrating some of the content in my lesson. It will also help me with some of the activities that can be used for each unit. Since activities are key elments in learning process, I will be using some of the activities presented on this website

Kelly Sullivan
Kelly Sullivan (Student)
14 years ago
I used the same biology book but it had to be returned. I'm glad to find all the same resources online because they were extrememly helpful.
Paul Kirkpatrick
Paul Kirkpatrick (Student)
14 years ago
This is a great source chemistry info I will use.
stephen fedele
stephen fedele (Staff)
14 years ago
I think the district that employs that kind of technology is doing a wonderful job. Thanks for showing me other things I should and can be doing.
Monica Bravo
Monica Bravo (Faculty)
14 years ago
lots of good resources. I will certainly use some of the powerpoints.
Brandi Miller
Brandi Miller (Student)
14 years ago
Provides a self quiz for students via and interactive website.
Danny Tovar
Danny Tovar (Student)
14 years ago
A good site that is not just limited to one subject, but various. Thanks.
Amanda Manuszak
Amanda Manuszak (Student)
14 years ago
I really like this site! The printable periodic table could be really useful.
Stefanie Chow Vertrees
14 years ago
I like that there are a lot of resources for students on here.