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Inanimate Alice

Inanimate Alice

A teaching resource for digital literacy, stimulus for story telling and creativity that is FREE to download. It has been developed in partnership between BradField and the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust and its schools. “Inanimate Alice” the multi award-winning interactive audio-visual narrative from new-media production house the BradField Company (BradField) has been identified by Specialist Schools and Academies Trust (SSAT) as delivering compelling new media suitable for an education audience. Seen by over 1 million viewers (estimate), it is an aid to creativity in the classroom, assisting in story telling and literacy and can be a free and major contribution to the creative curriculum that has been welcomed by teachers accessing it.


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Cotton Coslett
Cotton Coslett (Faculty)
1 year ago
I'm confused by this resource. It is listed as a Creative Commons information literacy tool that can be used for university or even graduate school instruction, but what appears on this link is a for-pay product that looks aimed at students in intermediate education. The literature regarding the tool is compelling, but I'm not sure what to make of it considering how it is listed.
Time spent reviewing site: 1 hour
Joanna Blair
Joanna Blair (Librarian)
1 year ago
The interactive digital story costs $10 to access. The suggested learning and critical thinking activities are well designed and could work for 10-14 year olds.
Time spent reviewing site: 20 min
Nicole Klimow
Nicole Klimow (Faculty)
2 years ago
I am familiar with Inanimate Alice and it is a great resource. To access this specific resource, there is a cost of $10. They use gaming software and storytelling to create a digital world and layered storyline. Definately appropriate for secondary school learners.
Kristana Textor
Kristana Textor (Student)
6 years ago
Using this material for a lesson plan on multimodality in K12 content areas. I am curious if others have thoughts on Inanimate Alice's use as a reusable learning object. Even though it was developed in 2005 it seems to have applications to classrooms today, and (other than the Flash tech) doesn't feel "out of date". Also interested in applications outside of traditional ELA classrooms. Could this tool be applied to bio, TEOSL, or math classroom? Seems likely!
Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site: 4 hours
COERLL at UT Austin
7 years ago
This seems interesting but it is unclear about the license - here you say that it is Creative Commons licensed, but when I go to the site there is a Copyright on the main page and no Creative Commons licenses on the subpages.
Maria Piedad Pulla Guerrero
Maria Piedad Pulla Guerrero (Teacher (K-12))
7 years ago
Wonderfull storytelling... too fast for me but I think teenegers will love it!
Maria Piedad Pulla Guerrero
Maria Piedad Pulla Guerrero (Teacher (K-12))
7 years ago
Wonderfull storytelling... too fast for me but I think teenegers will love it!
Emily Forand
Emily Forand (Faculty)
10 years ago

I'm hooked. I can't wait to watch/read more chapters. I am also curious to explore the ways that teachers use this in the classroom. The storytelling is quick and the animations are flashy, but this might be a preference for younger generations who are used to speedy media.

Time spent reviewing site: 10 minutes
Carol Helton
Carol Helton (Faculty)
10 years ago

In a word, WOW!  This is an interactive digital story.  It has your interest in the first chapter and you want to read more to find out what happens next.  It would be an excellent and engaging tool to use in a reading classroom.

Jane Moore
Jane Moore (Faculty)
10 years ago

This is a wonderful example of digital storytelling.  Over time, new stories are added and each is enaging and an excellent reason for children to work on reading skills.  The stories take advantage of technology and the technology enhances the story rather than simply being an "add-on."

Time spent reviewing site: 2 hr
Mary Kaye Hooker
Mary Kaye Hooker (Librarian)
10 years ago

I teach adults about critical thinking.  The lesson plans along with the intriguing pictures and texts demonstrate how to delve into a subject beyond the written words.  Excellent.

Time spent reviewing site: 10 min
Sue Bauer
Sue Bauer (Faculty)
11 years ago

A great introduction, and good students sample, of digital storytelling. Students can definitely see the creative opportunities available if given such an assignment. Very easy to use and apply in a classroom (both face=-to-face and online).


Technical Remarks:

Viewer needs Flash.

Time spent reviewing site: 45 minutes