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QuestGarden is a learning object site where instructors can create WebQuests with limited web authoring skills.  The site will also host completed quests. To view a video of the award winning author, go to View VR QuestGarden - Teacher Education Award Winner 2007 video ... Show More


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Margarita Trápaga
Margarita Trápaga (Student)
8 years ago

   the worldatlas : This material was very usefull  for me as I am learning about " learning objects", what are they, its importance, its  design ,  and why they  are  necessary to add them in my  lesson plans. 

I want to share the comment  because I agree that  this is a good learning object because students could go to this site and learn something without being supervised by a teacher. The site is full of fun facts and information that is easy to get to. Students can find flags, maps of oceans and countries, and learn vocabulary that will benefit their learning. Teachers can find printable maps, and valuable information on any country. The website is engaging to all who come across it. It is aesthetically pleasing and fun to use. There are games, quizzes, graphics, and fun facts that will keep the attention of students and teachers alike.

Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site: sevaral hours
Barb Dominesey
Barb Dominesey (Faculty)
15 years ago
This a remarkable, outstanding site to learn about the origin of WebQuests, search for existing WebQuests, and create your own WebQuests. I spent several hours over two sessions browsing through all of the material and many of the links associated with this site (did not look at all existing WebQuests, but did extensive meandering through the what, how, and why of WebQuests). The quality of content is superb. While clicking through a plethora of information, I came across and viewed 53 slides built by Bernie Dodge, titled: Overcoming Obstacles to Quicker WebQuest Creation. This PowerPoint gave me great insight into the evolution and on-going process of WebQuest design and solutions; mentions available WebQuest authoring tools (including links) and current WebQuest authoring environments (also linked); and lists the many features of WebQuest Garden. The concepts and models are educationally significant to all potentail users and creaters of WebQuests. If used appropriately, student learning and faculty's teaching will be significantly enhanced. The information presented on this site gives an educator the knowledge, resources, and ability to create WebQuests that will technologically engage today's learners in ways that intrique them and make them use higher order thinking. If an educator doesn't have the time to create a WebQuest, he/she can easily search the database on QuestGarden to find materials that will enhance the learning experience in their classroom.

Technical Remarks:

A few links did not work on the older linked sites. In almost every instance, there was a message at the top of the page stating that all links may not be working. The materials on this site were very easy to use and I feel a novice user would find it easy to navigate around QuestGarden. I very much enjoyed this site and am very thankful I found it. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in locating existing materials or creating a site of their own. The site is free to use. However, if you'd like to create your own WebQuest and add it to the QuestGarden database you need to subscribe for the nominal price of $20. That will get you a two year subscription and will also allow you to modify existing WebQuests to fit your classroom needs.