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ESL Composition

Materials for use in ESL 51 (hybrid advanced ESL composition course.)
Course: ESL 51 (hybrid section): Composition III.

NVCC Placement test result of Level 5 ESL OR completion of NVCC ESL program Level 4 courses (ESL 41 Writing and ESL 42 Reading). The paired Level 5 reading course is ESL 52: Critical Reading III.

Pedagogical Approach


Learning Outcomes

This is the exit level course for the ESL program. After completion of this course, the student will have the skills and knowledge to take ENG 111 College Composition.


Students are assessed by two methods: a portfolio of their best work (1 in-class essay and 2 revised essays, one of which contains documented research), and by a final in-class essay exam (3 hours).

Other Information


Course Resources

  • Assorted Death Penalty Reports
    Assorted Death Penalty Reports (Reference Material)
    This is a popular argument topic in 013, so this site may prove useful.
  • IDEA's Debatabase
    IDEA's Debatabase (Reference Material)
  • Netiquette Quiz
    Netiquette Quiz (Quiz/Test)
    Contains the Core Rules of Netiquette and and interactive Netiquette quiz. Great for the first week of class!
  • Citation Machine
    Citation Machine (Reference Material)
    For those wanting to properly cite journals, books, web pages, or interviews in MLA or APA format, check the Citation... More
  • Learning Styles Questionnaire
    Making students aware of their learning styles is a great exercise for the beginning of the semester. Interactive quiz... More
  • Blackboard Basics
    Blackboard Basics (Tutorial)
    A basic tutorial for students and faculty on using Blackboard in face to face, online, or hybrid courses. Very easy to... More
  • Paradigm Online Writing Assistant
    Hyperlinked material on all facets of writing, plus a list of reference books, a discussion forum, and a chat room. The... More
  • Writer's Web
    Writer's Web (Reference Material)
    Large variety of basic explanatory materials. Good for using/citing sources. Needs exploring.
  • Essay Punch
    Essay Punch (Tutorial)
    Commercial product; step by step essay writing process.
  • Guide to Grammar and Writing
    Very nice support for essay writing, with useful categories (word/sentence level, paragraph level, essay level...). Good... More
  • ESL Learning Objects: Activities For ESL Students
    Interactive grammar quizzes (lots!) Warn students they might need Java/Flash Player for best results. New--they have ESL... More
  • Library Tutorials for Research Papers
    Note: this is currently "under reconstruction", but is one to keep an eye on; looks useful. Self-paced, interactive... More
  • ESL Blues
    ESL Blues (Collection)
    Excellent collection of ESL grammar and reading materials includes animated grammar tutorials, grammar troubleshooting,... More