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Instructional Technology Summit

A collection of learning materials showcased at the MERLOT 2013 Hands-On session.

Collection Content

  • Khan Academy App for iOS
    Khan Academy App for iOS (Learning Object Repository)
    Flip your classroom with online, interactive lessons for a variety of disciplines.
  • Breast Cancer Detective
    Quiz format with questions on mammography using real medical imagery.
  • ISLCollective:Free ESL worksheets
    Worksheets for download and ready to use in class, online or for homework.
  • Inanimate Alice
    Inanimate Alice (Online Course)
    Digital storytelling in a variety of settings and languages. Very cool design to inspire composition.
  • Algebra2go: An Online Supplemental Instruction Tool Array
    Hip hop Algebra? Can it be?
  • The Brain from Top to Bottom!
    Because you can't get enough of the brain.
  • Nearpod App for iOS
    Nearpod App for iOS (Development Tool)
    Create presentations online, run them on the iPad and then stream the content to your students on iOS devices.
  • GoClass App for iOS
    GoClass App for iOS (Reference Material)
    Create presentations online and then send the content to student accounts on mobile devices
  • Prezi App for iPad
    Prezi App for iPad (Presentation)
    Create and share non-linear presentations directly from the iPad.
  • ScreenChomp App for iPad
    ScreenChomp App for iPad (Social Networking Tool)
    Create video demonstrations and notations with on screen content.
  • STUDYBLUE App for iOS
    STUDYBLUE App for iOS (Reference Material)
    Create, utilize and share custom flash cards.
  • iBooks Author App for iOS
    iBooks Author App for iOS (Reference Material)
    Create interactive textbooks and share on the iBooks store on in iTunesU
  • Goodreads App for iOS
    Goodreads App for iOS (Reference Material)
    Read, create and share reviews of popular literature with groups. View over 30,000 eBooks for free.
  • Dropbox
    Dropbox (Social Networking Tool)
    Free cloud-based storage space that interfaces with a wide-variety of mobile apps. Great for sharing files and working... More
  • Asana App for iOS
    Asana App for iOS (Development Tool)
    Project management software that works online and on mobile devices. Can be used as a collaborative timeline or to-do... More
  • Google Drive App for iOS
    Google Drive App for iOS (Reference Material)
    View and edit documents on Google Drive from any mobile device.
  • Google+ App for iOS
    Google+ App for iOS (Social Networking Tool)
    Use the many features of Google+, to include the video chat tool Google Hangout, directly from your iPad.
  • Book Creator App for the iPad
    Book Creator App for the iPad (Development Tool)
    Design textbooks on the iPad and publish as .ePub files that can be shared in iTunes U, the iBooks library or on Amazon.
  • Gradebook Pro App for iPhone and iPad
    Bring class management to your mobile device with the ability to log work, grades and attendence at your fingertips.
  • Drawing Box App for iPad
    Turn your iPad into a canvas and create works of art with a variety of drawing and painting tools.