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These are free, online courses that are part of the Open Course Library at Washington State, a collection of shareable course materials created for faculty to use in their classes. As part of the Open Course Library this content is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License which means that you are free to reuse the course in its entirety, edit it and use a your own modified version, or pick out only pieces which can be incorporated into your own course, as long as you credit the original author for their work.

To access all materials for this course you may download either the ANGEL export file or the IMS Common Cartridge file. While the ANGEL file is specific to that system, the Common Cartridge file is compatible with many learning management systems. More information on Common Cartridge is available at .


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  • Calculus I
    Calculus I (Online Course)
    Calculus is the mathematics of CHANGE and almost everything in our world is changing.Calculus is among the most... More
  • Calculus II
    Calculus II (Online Course)
    This is the second level calculus course.
  • Calculus III
    Calculus III (Online Course)
    This is the third level calculus course.
  • Cultural Anthropology
    Cultural Anthropology (Online Course)
    Students examine the anthropological perspective of human culture, including such institutions as kinship, politics, and... More
  • Elementary Algebra
    Elementary Algebra (Online Course)
    This course is the study of basic algebraic operations and concepts and the structure and use of algebra. This includes... More
  • Engineering Physics
    Engineering Physics (Online Course)
    This course covers the major topics of mechanics including momentum and energy conservation, kinematics, Newton's laws... More
  • English Composition I
    English Composition I (Online Course)
    English 101 focuses on the analysis of basic human issues as presented in literature with an emphasis on analytic... More
  • English Composition II
    English Composition II (Online Course)
    English 102 is an expository writing course requiring more advanced writing skills than Basic English Composition 101,... More
  • General Biology with Lab
    General Biology with Lab (Online Course)
    General Biology is intended to leave the student with an integrated view of the living world including the nature of... More
  • General Psychology
    General Psychology (Online Course)
    General Psychology surveys the knowledge and methods of the discipline of psychology. Emphasis will be placed upon... More
  • Intermediate Algebra
    Intermediate Algebra (Online Course)
    This course is the study of basic algebraic operations and concepts and the structure and use of algebra. This includes... More
  • Introduction To Business
    Introduction To Business (Online Course)
    This course will cover five topics: The Context of Business, Entrepreneurship and Legal Forms of Business, Marketing,... More
  • Introduction to Chemistry (Inorganic)
    From consumer products to space-age technologies, chemistry affects our daily lives. In this course, students will learn... More
  • Introduction To Literature I
    This class explores ways that writers portray human experience in their short stories, poems and plays. Through class... More
  • Introduction to Logic
    Introduction to Logic (Online Course)
    Logic, as an academic subject, is the systematic study of the standards of correct reasoning. In short, logic is the... More
  • Introduction to Oceanography
    Planet Earth's Ocean covers over 70% of its surface, yet oceanographic research has only recently come to its full... More
  • Introduction To Philosophy
    Introduction To Philosophy (Online Course)
    This is an introductory course in Philosophy.
  • Introduction to Physical Geology
    Geology is a core science, along with physics, chemistry, and biology. It uses rigorous methods of inquiry that... More
  • Introduction to Statistics
    Introduction to Statistics (Online Course)
    In this course, we will introduce some of the more common tool for analyzing data of several types. We are not aiming at... More
  • Lifespan Psychology
    Lifespan Psychology (Online Course)
    Growth and development through the life span including physical, social, cognitive and neurological development. Topics... More
  • Macroeconomics
    Macroeconomics (Online Course)
    This course is a comprehensive introduction to the structure of the American economy as compared to other economic... More
  • Microeconomics
    Microeconomics (Online Course)
    This course is a comprehensive introduction to the functions of the market system including allocation of scarce... More
  • Music Appreciation
    Music Appreciation (Online Course)
    The purpose of this course is to help students further enhance their appreciation for music as a creative tool of the... More
  • Physical Anthropology
    Physical Anthropology (Open (Access) Textbook)
    Students in this course will explore evolutionary theory, including the core concepts of basic genetics and and the... More
  • Precalculus I
    Precalculus I (Online Course)
    This course will cover families of trigonometric functions, their inverses, properties, graphs, and applications.... More
  • Precalculus II
    Precalculus II (Online Course)
    This course will cover families of trigonometric functions, their inverses, properties, graphs, and applications.... More
  • Pre-College English
    Pre-College English (Online Course)
    This is a course designed to improve the student's writing ability for entrance into ENGL 101. Coursework focuses on... More
  • Principles of Accounting I
    Principles of Accounting I (Online Course)
    ACCT 201 is an introduction to the fundamentals of financial accounting. This is the first of a two part sequence in... More
  • Principles of Accounting II
    Principles of Accounting II (Online Course)
    This is the second in the sequence of two corporate financial accounting courses. The course is designed for students... More
  • Public Speaking
    Public Speaking (Online Course)
    This course assists students in developing oral communication skills. Classroom practice, the Internet, e-mail,... More
  • Research for the 21st Century
    The learning objectives of this course are to: 1. Develop and research a topic of global significance 2. Recognize... More
  • Technical Writing
    Technical Writing (Online Course)
    The course explores techniques for gathering, organizing, and presenting technical information in written reports for... More
  • Try College / College Success Course
    This course is intended to help students discover why they should go to college, be educated in choosing the correct... More
  • US History I
    US History I (Online Course)
    After exploring North America before the arrival of Europeans, we study the early interactions of Europeans with... More
  • US History II
    US History II (Online Course)
    We begin in that decade when the United States in three years (1845-48) grew by 50 percent. Through the Civil War to the... More
  • US History III
    US History III (Online Course)
    This course "surveys the significant forces and people that have shaped American civilization from the Progressive Era... More