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All the key terms and concepts for a solid foundation. Real life case studies showcasing eMarketing in action.

Demonstrates how companies use marketing. Provides specific examples in text discussions, chapter openers, the Integrated... see more

The synthetic diamond industry was on the radar of diamond giant DeBeers as a potential disruptive technology. In 2009,... see more

' With the introduction of the Internet, there came many changes to the way a company might carry out a particular... see more

This etext book is a good introduction to eMarketing. There is no doubt about it—the Internet has changed the world we... see more

Tubetorial is a web media site offerring free how-to step-by-step videos for web development designed for busy people.... see more

This is a free online textbook offered by BookBoon. 'Web 2.0 applications and social media have provided new venues for... see more

Have you ever sat in a doctor’s office for hours, despite having an appointment? Has a hotel turned down your reservation... see more

This course, primarily discussion based, provides a framework for understanding pricing strategies and tactics. Topics... see more


Media, Society, Culture, and You is an approachable introductory Mass Communication text that covers major mass... see more

This website has numerous business tutorials to help understand and or build a business. Current Tutorials Include:... see more

Information about channels of distribution for an introductory marketing course.

The mission of the Agricultural Marketing Resource Center is to provide independent producers and processors with... see more

Students groups examine the situation in which an Airbnb entrepreneur has taken out five separate mortgages in a lake... see more

Nowadays, Coca-Cola could be found in every corner of the world. No matter you are in the most bustling city or a remote... see more

This activity highlights several common channel conflict situations, across three different industries. For each... see more

Current Industrial Reports provides monthly, quarterly, and annual measures of industrial activity. The surveys measure... see more

Digital Marketing Tools is an interactive technical note which introduces the students to the most important techniques... see more

This book is aimed at managers, business owners, marketing managers, and aspiring social media marketing interns and... see more

The Beer Distribution Game, one of the oldest and most widely used management simulations, is now available online as an... see more

In this interactive case study, the student takes on the role of marketing director of Paradores during a time of... see more

Companies have powerful technologies for understanding and interacting with customers, yet most still depend on mass... see more

You place an order online and are offered many delivery options. Who wouldn't choose the fastest option? After all, you... see more