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The TIMSS-R Video Study

The TIMSS-R Video Study

The TIMSS-R Video Study is a cross-national study of eighth-grade classroom mathematics and science teaching. The study involves videotaping and analyzing teaching practices in more than one thousand classrooms in various countries. Links at this site provide information about the study and the tools used. A tool of interest to educational researchers is called vPrism. vPrism software for Mac OS that makes it easy to turn video into information that you can use: for research, for training, or presentations. vPrism allows you to easily: (1) Archive and organize your digital video files (2) Transcribe and annotate your video (3) Define and mark codes (4) Search and retrieve video using text or codes (5) Export event codes for statistical analysis (6) Prepare cliplists for presentations and discussions (7) Export for presentations to award-winning VideoVisor Pro software. It is useful as a teacher training tool as well as a research tool. vPrism is exclusively sold by LessonLab Inc. at a price of $995. Would anyone using this software please add an assignment so that we can establish a virtual vPrism user's group?


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Nancy J. Pelaez
Nancy J. Pelaez (Faculty)
22 years ago
Researchers who wish to analyze the data at their own institution
and at their own convenience may obtain a copy of the
data from
National Center for Education Statistics.

Data options available with license from NCES:

a full sample data set that includes all 236 lessons

a sample subset of 90 lessons (30 from Germany, 30
Japan and 30 from USA).

Both sets include:

videos of the lessons in MPEG format on CD-ROM disks,

one CD-ROM containing English transcripts of each
lesson; copies of all the supplementary materials
during the lessons; summary tables of the lessons;
questionnaire responses from the teachers; SPSS data
files of variables with a code book that describes
variable and a user guide that briefly explains these

one CD-ROM containing a vPrism database file. This
file is
only accessible through the vPrism software.

This is EXCITING data for graduate student analysis! Perhaps the video study
data for the current science and math TIMSS-R video classroom studies will be
available to those who learn this level of data analysis in the near future.

Technical Remarks:

v-Prism software ( is NOT required,
but is a powerful tool for this data analysis. Anyone wanting to join a v-Prism
user's group might e-mail