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Field-tested Learning Assessment Guide (FLAG)

The Classroom Assessment Techniques -- CATs (Angelo and Cross, 1993) within the FLAG are succinct, self-contained, self-instructional, web-based modules that introduce a broadly applicable technique for use in college or university SMET courses. Each CAT has been written by a college or university instructor who currently uses the technique, and has been reviewed by the FLAG Editorial Board for accuracy and consistency with current professional standards of assessment. In most cases, the technique has an extensive history of research to support claims of reliability and validity. The CATs are linked to a set of discipline-specific "tools" that can be downloaded for immediate use. The new Tool search function at the mirror site is outstanding! Assessment techniques are linked to the relevant research literature as well as to web sites showing exemplary use of each assessment technique.


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Teacher Education Editorial Board
21 years ago
This site has been triaged by Teacher Education
Nancy J. Pelaez
Nancy J. Pelaez (Faculty)
22 years ago
Current assessment philosophy suggests that variety yields greater and more
useful evidence of student accomplishments. This resource makes a variety of
assessment techniques available to instructors. While the resource is designed
by and for college faculty, it would be useful to instructors at all levels.

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A resource is available to create your own Student Assessment of Learning Gains
web-based instrument: