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EZ Graph

EZ Graph

Here is Zona Land's graphics calculator, EZ Graph. With it you should be able to graph almost any polynomial, rational, exponential, logarithmic, or trigonometric function. It will allow you to enter variables into your function definition so that you can see the effect of changing coefficients easily.


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patricia aizawa
patricia aizawa (Student)
19 years ago
After two seperate attempts about hour and half/ 2hrs.This was very frustrating
to use. With help from my son we were still not able to use Zona's EZ graph.
Tried to do two homework problems with out success.Wish I could use it,help!

Technical Remarks:

found very difficult to use the EZ graph Zona'sland, But was able to access
function difinitions and graph paper.
Used in course? Yes
Robinson (Faculty)
20 years ago
1. The content of this material was too confusing for me. I spent 5 minutes
browsing. Such material is useful for students who ' major of study consist of
serious science knowledge.

2. Since I had trouble understanding the material . It would be hard to say
wether the content was of quality. But I would guess, it would be very
eduacational. A challenging eduacational tool. The ez graph would allow you to
play around with some figures and possibilities, but you would still need to
have a great sense of knowledge of the material.

3. It's true that a graph helps those who are visual learners see the out come
ahead of time. Or in more simpler terms. a person would benefit in the
enhancing of teaching and learning if used appropriately. a person would still
need to know the several techniques in approaching a problem of situation.

4. First time user like myself would not have an easy time using the software.
But once you've gotten started , i'm sure the anxiety would lessen.
Karen Brucks
Karen Brucks (Faculty)
21 years ago
EZ Graph is part of a larger package: Zona's land. The mathematics component of
this land includes: Expression Evaluation, The Function Institute, The Geometry
Section, Graph Paper, Miscellaneous Mathematics, The Trigonometry Realms, Curve
Fitting, EZ Graph, Simple Data Grapher.

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