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Formatting hypotheses

Formatting hypotheses

A short lesson on hypotheses that really allows the student to get a handle on this process skill. The lesson comes from a book, Patterns and Processes, by the BSCS group.


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Teacher Education Editorial Board
21 years ago
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Nancy J. Pelaez
Nancy J. Pelaez (Faculty)
22 years ago
I am amazed that scientists argue about what can or cannot be considered a
hypothesis. Jerry Pine at CalTech suggests that elementary school teachers
should not have students develop hypotheses because the students get the wrong
idea when they have to contrive the predictions teachers call hypotheses.
Currently, the federal research grant money demands hypothesis-driven research.
This usually means that the experiment is designed to investigate relationships
between an independent and dependent variables. This resource takes the
conservative approach and supports that view of the hypothesis. Explore here,
and you may begin to think that while a hypothesis is an educated guess, not all
educated guesses are hypotheses. Perhaps we should open this discussion
between teachers and scientists!

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