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This site offers basic information about Tutankhamun. Sections included are: Life and Times, The Cause of His Death, Tutankhamun's Funeral, Tutankhamun"s Tomb, Tutankhamun's Treasures, and The Mummy's Curse.


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Christy Wilcox
Christy Wilcox (Student)
20 years ago
Subject Review #2
Christy Wilcox Review of Module "Tutankhamun" Submitted
by: Carol Schneebeck Reviewed by: Christy Wilcox
I reviewed the module "Tutankhamun." The module was
submitted by Carol Schneebeck from Sonoma State
University in California. This module has information
on King Tutankhamun. The information covers his death,
his life and times, the curse of his mummy, the funeral,
it has a tour of his tomb and treasures. Each subtitle
on the homepage will go to the information when clicked
on. Each one has the information that will be needed to
understand more clearly. There are words that are
highlighted and if you click on it it will give you a
definition and maybe a picture to exlain. This module
is helpful and full of information, but this information
can be found in the other sites as well. Probably the
same information that is in this one, but this is a good
site to read and it is hard to be confused. Because the
definitions are highlighted and the information is
broken down into subtitles and the text is easy to

Dan Lewis
Dan Lewis (Student)
20 years ago
The site gives information surrounding the life of Tutankhamun. The main page
is a very brief story of how his tomb was discovered. Also, there are links to
other pages titled "Life and Times", "The Cause of His Death", "Tutankhamun's
Funeral", "Tutankhamun's Tomb", "Tutankhamun's Treasures", and finally "The
Mummy's Curse."
The "Life and Times" page gives a small amount of information about when he was
born, who a few of his relatives were, and the fact that his death is still a
mystery. It does not really go into detail about his life or into the theories
of how he died. It does, however, give links to other sites containing
information about a few of the relatives, the meaning and more information about
this name, along with theories of his death. One link on the page,, leads to a very interesting
site telling of Tut's predecessor and a theory of why he died.
The next part of the site is titled "The Cause of His Death." It gives a bit of
information about Tut's death and about deaths of others such as a possible
successor to Tut and the death of Tut's wife. Not much else is discussed here.
The next section is "Tutankhamun's Funeral." It gives details about Tut's
coffin and the tomb. This page just gives the reader a brief description
allowing for a partial idea of how Tut was prepared and how the tomb appeared.
The following section is "Tutankhamun's Tomb." This section gives a description
of the inside of the tomb. It has several pictures and even a virtual tour of
the tomb. A passage from Howard Carter tells of the inside of the tomb as it
was first viewed. This page doesn't contain much information as well, but it
does have many links to other pages which further explain particular terms.
"Tutankhamun's Treasures" gives a very light description of what was found in
the tomb. It has several pictures, though, and links to galleries of pictures.
The final section, "TheMummy's Curse," of course tells about the rumored
Mummy's Curse. It just gives a few incidents of deaths near the time the tomb
was opened.
The site gave a small amount of information about King Tutankhamun, nothing in
great detail. It did, however, give a lot of links to other resources of
information about King Tut. It was just a broad report that one could read to
become somewhat familiar with who Tut was.
Corey Orvin
Corey Orvin (Student)
20 years ago
I found this site about Tutankhamun and his tomb. This site tells a good bit of
information about his life, causes of his death, what his tomb looked like, and
it even tells about the famous curse of the mummy. I found this site very
helpful and interesting. There is alot of helpful and useful info on this site.